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Apr 28, 2021

Zion Page Builder Plugin

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Built and designed by Hogash team, the creator of the famous WordPress theme Kallyas, this plugin is the fastest page builder on the market. The user-friendly tools included in Zion Page Builder make the building process for WordPress websites easier than ever before. Read more on Zion Builder.

Tags: page builder, WordPress module, editor, visual editor, design, website builder, front-end builder

Zion Builder in action - TRY IT NOW


Below are listed the core competencies

Elements and templates at your fingertip

Add elements and pre-made templates right where you need them from the page builder “Add Elements” Popup. This popup gives access to pre-made layouts, elements, and to the Library System.

Independent composition of elements

Each element is composed of a wrapper and its sub-components. For example, a button is composed of a wrapper, the button, and the icon, and each one of them may have individual styles applied. Unlike other page builders, the plugin adds only the minimal HTML markup needed to render the elements in page.

Unified system of options

Every element has the same easy to use and intuitive options pattern found in the “Element Options” panel. It consists of 3 main tabs: general, styling and advanced. The general tab contains options specific to the edited element, the style tab contains options that can be used to style every aspect of the element while the advanced tab contains options for changing the element name, id, animations and more.

Global styles

To apply the same styles on multiple elements, Global CSS Classes were implemented. They can be styled either from the page options panel or from the Element options panel. No coding skills required.

Live responsive editing

Visually decide the sizes, colors, or positioning of the elements for each screen. This means that any changes made to the mobile view, will only appear on that device and it will not affect the other devices, which will still maintain the original design options.

Custom rich text on click

The inline editor is triggered on text click and provides options such as font family, size, weight, spacing, alignment, or text-transform. It can also be dragged anywhere on the screen so it doesn’t interfere with the design.

Gradient background

Multiple gradients may be layered by making use of color opacity. When set a lower opacity of gradient colors, other gradient layers become visible. This is a powerful and unique feature that lets you add a distinctive touch to your design.

Manage loaded resources

Choose what fonts, colors, gradients, icon packs, or templates to appear in the page builder. That means you can choose only the fonts you need on your website even if on the dashboard you have access to hundreds of other fonts. By default, the builder loads only the resources needed for the rendered page so you can get a fast website out of the box, without the hassle of micro optimization.

History of actions

Saving system, history of your actions, post revisions, users permissions, or easily discard changes give you the power of becoming the sole creator of your website. Shortcuts for undo and redo are also available.

Design features

The following extra design features come built-in the Panel Element Options: Blending Background, ColorPicker, Pseudo – selectors, Element’s motion control, Flexbox control, Powerful background image, Filters, Borders, Shadows, Typography, Transform, Transitions.

Library system

It contains the actions needed to import and export library parts and access to Zion library that provides hundreds of pre-made templates.

Dragging size and spacing

Live edit the margins, padding and size by dragging the element outline toolbar.

Moving elements

Repositioning the elements is done with simple dragging and dropping anywhere in the page or in the tree-view. A blueish line is the hint of the new position.

Keyboard shortcuts

The most used and intuitive keys were implemented to ensure the accessibility of user actions.

Discard changes

A unique feature of Zion Builder is the "display" of a green dot showing the options that have changed. No more looking around to check each option to see if it was changed.

Top right toolbar shortcuts

This toolbar appears only when hovering an element and gives the possibility to access the options panel, to save, hide, duplicate, or delete the element.

Custom workspace

The user is able to open, close, drag, and resize the panels according to his needs. The main panel can be dragged on the left or right side of the page.

Right click actions

By right clicking on an element ( from the preview page or tree view panels ) a custom menu appears with the main set of actions needed: copy, edit, remove, duplicate, hide, save, cut, discard, and copy element styles.

Searchable options

We implemented a search system so that you can easily find any option needed. No more looking around the options panel to search the exact option. This greatly improves the learning curve for new users.

Flexbox control

Control the alignment of your content ( the child or the parent elements ) to be vertical, horizontal, or center. All the flex-box rules are implemented in the display section of Panel Element Options.


“Hover” state of an element combined with the independent composition of elements brings a powerful design that otherwise would have been achieved only with custom code.

Element's motion control

From the advanced tab in the edit element panel, you can add movement to the elements. There are ready to use animations such as fade, slide, zoom, etc. An animated element will start it’s animation only when it is visible on the page.

Post revisions

The builder uses the WordPress revisions feature. With each page save, a new page revision is also created allowing the user to go to a previous version of the page.

Extendable options

Built with PHP and Vue JS, the builder can be easily extended by adding new elements, adding new option types and custom conditions for the theme builder.

Renaming elements

Locating the correct element to interact with can be difficult when developing a complex web page. So you can rename your elements to get easily identified. On top of this, each element can be identified by its unique icon.

RTL support

Zion Page Builder supports RTL which is vital for languages that are read from right-to-left (rather than left-to-right).


  • Section - Has plenty of options to customize your layout.
  • Column - Create your initial structure and fill it with other content elements.
  • Text Editor - Write, edit, format text, and even WordPress shortcodes on your website.
  • Custom HTML - Allows to include HTML code in the element section in case you need them.
  • Shortcode - Insert advanced features or content blocks within your site.
  • Google Maps - Add this item wherever you think it is necessary to guide your visitors to a place of interest.
  • Counter - Progressively count up a value of your choice.
  • Progress Bars - Visually represent the evolution of a process, skills, and project progress.
  • Image Slider - Perfect for showcasing a set of images, portfolio pieces, and client logos.
  • Anchor Point - Used to set up a One Page navigation on your website or maybe a documentation-like page.
  • Testimonials - Perfect way to show your potential clients the kind of work you can provide.
  • Icon List - Assign an icon to each element of the list and set the content of the element.
  • Alert - Notify the user about something special, like – danger, success, information, or warning.
  • Sidebar - Display information other than the main content of the web page.
  • Soundcloud - Display an embedded SoundCloud module to play an audio file hosted on SoundCloud.
  • Pricing Box - Create highly customizable interactive pricing tables with a lot of customization options.
  • Tabs - Perfect for displaying a large amount of organized information in a small area.
  • Accordions - Display the content like the tabs element, and use the available space more efficiently.
  • Image Box - Easily add images with a large amount of control over their appearance and behavior.
  • Image - Place an image from the media library or computer to the layout.
  • Icon - Every icon is 100% full vector, so they look incredibly sharp and are retina-ready!
  • Icon Box - Create a box with an icon and add a description to it.
  • Gallery - Quickly create a responsive and stylish image gallery.
  • Heading - Very easy to use, and allows for some interesting customizations.
  • Video - Offers the ability for users to post self-hosted, YouTube, or Vimeo video clips easily to their websites.
  • Button - Allows a variety of buttons with a lot of options.
  • Separator - Highly flexible separator allows to control border size, color, width, alignment, margins above and below, and you even add icons to them.


Zion Builder Pro - Innovative plugin that comes to complete Zion Builder with many awesome features and elements which are meant to help users build their websites in no-time.

Access to complete style options

One of the things users love about Zion Builder Pro is the ability to fine tune almost every CSS property directly from the options panel. Combine this with the ability to change the styling for responsive devices and pseudo selectors so you have complete control over the page design.

Ability to upload custom fonts

Zion Builder Pro makes it really easy to add custom fonts to your website. After uploading your font files to Zion Builder, your newly added fonts will be available in the editor at typography settings.

Ability to use Adobe fonts

Integration with Adobe Fonts was thought even from the beginning because this is a feature designers need.

Ability to upload custom icons

Importing custom icon packs created with Zion Builder Pro has never been easier. Any new icon pack added will be available in Zion Builder icon library.

Role Manager

Managing user's permissions is done from Zion Builder's dashboard. You can have full control of what users can edit.

Custom CSS

With custom CSS you can fine-tune the styling. Add custom CSS to elements and/or pages.

Custom JavaScript

With PRO, the page functionality may be extended by adding a JavaScript code which is only rendered on the current page

Complex Accordions and Tabs elements

With PRO the Accordions and Tabs elements accept nested elements as content. This is a powerful feature that lets you create unique designs.

Access to PRO templates and elements

With PRO you have access to premium design templates that you can import with just one click.

Access to global colors

Global Colors and Gradients have the superpower to edit a color or a gradient in one place and have those changes take effect everywhere that color is used.

Access to global gradients

Try out the Global Gradients yourself and you’ll see how you can spice up the design of your website while saving time.

Dynamic content for various fields

Replace static content from elements that are managed in WordPress with dynamic ones.

Access to PRO shape dividers

Add extra spice to the design and users will love them.

Additional PRO elements

The most wanted and powerful elements are provided in the Zion Builder Pro version. Currently the elements from Pro version are:

  • Countdown
  • Social Share
  • Search
  • Pro Tabs
  • Pro Accordions


Minimum requirements

  • WordPress 5.0 or higher
  • PHP 7.0 or higher
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher
  • WP Memory Limit at least 64M or higher
  • Writing permissions for WordPress uploads directory and .htaccess file
  • PHP Zip extension must be installed
  • PHP GD extension must be installed


  1. Install using the WordPress built-in Plugin installer Go to Plugins -> Add New
  2. Search for Zionbuilder
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Go to Pages or Posts > Add New
  5. Press the 'Edit with Zion Page Builder' button.


Multilingual plugin

The strings used in the builder are ready to be translated in any language, according to WordPress standards.

An extendable builder – for developers and designers

The whole system of options, which is built in PHP, allows other developers to add their own options to the main panel. The library system also allows designers to submit new templates which users will have access to through Zion Library.

Documentation and Support

Documentation link


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.


Viktor Szépe




Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zion Page Builder?

Zion Builder is a front end visual page builder plugin for WordPress. Zion Page Builder lets you create original-looking posts and pages, compared with the post/page templates that come with the standard WordPress theme. It doesn’t require any HTML/CSS/PHP/coding skills. Zion Page Builder gives you full control over what your page looks like on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Can I edit posts or other custom post types with Zion Page Builder?

Yes, you can edit posts, pages, and custom post types with Zion Builder by activating them from the Admin panel.

Zion Builder compatibility with other themes and plugins

Zion Builder is compatible with most themes that are well constructed according to WordPress guidelines. Zion Builder works with almost every plugin, and mostly with the most popular plugins

Can I integrate Zion Builder for my commercial theme?

The answer is definitely yes. If you run any kind of commercial business based on a WordPress theme and you wish to add interactivity in your pages, then Zion Builder can serve you the best.