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Description (What is this?)

This addon provides the Unity Editor with adjustable, hot-swappable GUI themes across all elements using native and custom data formats.

Reason (Why was it made?)

The system was initially created to provide on-the-fly adjustable styling standards for custom editor windows/inspectors/properties. It was later extended for global editor usage. It's intended to allow users to establish general-purpose aesthetics that are adaptable to needs as well as uniform to their existing development applications.

Features (What can it do?)

* Supports swapping of editor themes globally or between individual custom editors. * Supports palette (color) adjustment. Palettes are usable between different themes. Alt+F1 and Alt+F2 are hotkeys for previous and next palette. * Supports system color usage (select Windows versions only) as well as manual adjustment. * Supports forced interval repainting as Responsive UI option to allow for global hover/interaction effects. * Supports theme variations and keywords within .unityTheme files. * Supports GUIStyle and GUIContent overriding in base skin as well as static style-container instances.

Compatibility (What environments will it function with?)

Currently, the system has been built and tested on Unity 5.0 through 5.4b21 on Windows/Mac/Linux.

Issues (What problems are known?)

Bugs should be discussed/reported [here](

Download (Where can I obtain it?)

You can obtain the latest release from [here]( It includes a pre-built x64 dll for Unity 5, several palettes, and one (work-in-progress) example theme titled Simplicity. The source code is also available for usage/extension/contribution under an MIT license.

Usage (How do you use it?)

Extract the zip file to your project's Assets folder. Configure at Edit > Preferences > Themes.

Contact (How can I reach you?)

If you'd like to make a direct inquiry regarding my work or if you just want a friendly conversation, you can find me idling in the [Game Dev League]( Discord server under the alias Bradical. Failing that, I'm also reachable via email at or (infrequently) on the [Unity Forums]( or [Unity Subreddit](

Preview (What does it look like?)

Visual Studio next to Unity Editor. ![Visual Studio and Unity](

See the Wiki page for an extended form of this document.


Provides the Unity Editor with adjustable, hot-swappable GUI themes across all elements.




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