Reading html from phantom (not from index.html by FS) #10

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shumkov commented Jun 23, 2014

Now prerender has bad restriction - it must be placed on a same server with a JS project.
Why we can't get html from baseURL?


Stanback commented Jun 23, 2014

I'll revisit this - the reason I'm reading index.html from the FS is so that I can manipulate the HTML before sending it to Phantom or JSDOM. I have a plugin hook called beforeInit, which gets used by the removeScriptTags.js plugin to remove Google Analytics and custom fonts.


Stanback commented Jun 23, 2014

I've merged in pull request #11 for dealing with this issue.

I'm now using the 'request' library to fetch the index.html page from baseUrl + applicationPage and then I feed the HTML into Phantom or JSDOM. This allows us to preserve the plugin logic for pre-processing of the HTML, such as removing Google Analytics code, etc.

In the future, I may try experimenting with telling Phantom and JSDOM to fetch index.html directly - I can use onResourceRequested to have Phantom skip certain hosts/files, and JSDOM has something similar called SkipExternalResources.

Let me know if you have any issues and I'll re-open.

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shumkov commented Jun 24, 2014


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