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Config option for setting first rendered url #13

Shumkov opened this Issue · 2 comments

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In my app a have a special route (http://geometria.local:8000/prerender/) for initial rendering for preloading data.
Before 2.2.0 i use baseUrl option, but now it doesn't work.
applicationPage appends to the baseUrl for receiving HTML, and of course, http://geometria.local:8000/prerender/index.html is wrong URL.

Can you add a new option for initial prerender url?

For example:

   "baseUrl": "http://geometria.local:8000/",
   "initialUrl": "prerender/",
   "applicationPage": "index.html"

Sure, sorry about breaking things in 2.2.0

Would it work if I allow applicationPage to be a full URL if you want to host your index.html page at a different location? If applicationPage isn't a full URL, the default behavior would be to append it to baseUrl.


I think, it no so clearly and host in applicationPage and baseUrl always be a equal.

I am understand baseUrl as base URL, and others URI is appended to it. For example application may be placed in sub-dir of web server public dir (http://geometria.local:8000/app) and applicationPage and initialUrl (or startUrl) must be appended to it.

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