An simple sinatra application for website uptime monitoring
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zuptime– a simple web app for checking web-site status and uptime


Zuptime is a little sinatra app that allows you to quickly enter in a list of websites that you want to monitor. You can configure the e-mail notification list on a per-website basis. Configuration is “in-app”, i.e. there aren't any config files to fiddle with.


To install zuptime just clone the app from github and run it like this:

git clone git:// zuptime
cd zuptime
ruby app.rb

Then you should be able to access it by entering:


in your web-browser.

The first time zuptime runs it will bring up a configuration screen where you can enter the smtp configuration information for outgoing e-mail notification, security, and other settings.

Slower start: deployment to passenger server with Capistrano

Included in the repository is a file suitable for deployment under passenger as well as a sample deploy.rb file for use with capistrano. Rename the config/deploy-sample.rb file to deploy.rb, edit the file appropriately for the settings on your server and then use:

cap deploy:setup
cap deploy

to deploy zuptime to your server.

add more here about setting up the apache/nginx config files…


You must install the following gems for zuptime to work:

sudo gem install sinatra datamapper haml sqlite3 pony yaml


You will want to add a cron job on some machine you have access to have zuptime check all the sites periodically. For example a cron entry of:

0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * /usr/local/bin/curl http://localhost:4567/sites/check?secret=your_secret_here

will update the status of all your sites every 10 minutes.

Note that in the configuration screen you can set the secret which ensures that only you can trigger the site check.


zuptime is released under the MIT license.

Copyright © 2009 Eric Harris-Braun