Java wrapper for Ghostscript C API + PS/PDF document handling API
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Ghost4J binds the Ghostscript C API to bring Ghostscript power to the Java world. It also provides a high-level API to handle PDF and Postscript documents with objects.

Maven configuration




If you want to use an older release (before 1.0.0), add the following repositories as well:


		<name>Ghost4J releases</name>
		<name>Ghost4J snapshots</name>


A simple example (PS to PDF conversion)

//load PostScript document
PSDocument document = new PSDocument();
document.load(new File(""));

//create OutputStream
fos = new FileOutputStream(new File("rendition.pdf"));

//create converter
PDFConverter converter = new PDFConverter();

//set options

converter.convert(document, fos);

Getting binaries

Binary distributions can be downloaded from here


Documentation is available from