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Microsoft Cassini Web Server for .NET 3.5 with enhancements.

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Cassini Web Server Sample v3.5 README.TXT

This Cassini version requires .NET Framework v3.5. 

It was originally downloaded from
then updated to from
by Justin Dearing <>. The intention is to make enhancements 
to it to improve upon it.

This sample illustrates using the ASP.NET hosting APIs (System.Web.Hosting)
to create a simple managed Web Server with System.Net APIs.

Changea merged from
* Support for remote connections (addition of optional commandline parameter loopback or any)

New in Cassini v3.5.0.2
* Fix for the default documents

New in Cassini v3.5.0.1
* Support for MVC friendly URLs (directory listing only overrides 404 responses for directories)

New in Cassini v3.5:
* Runs as a single EXE -- does not require an assembly in GAC
* Supported IPv6-only configurations
* Upgraded to support .NET Framework 3.5
* Includes VS project file
* License changed to Ms-PL

Instructions to Run Cassini

Cassini-v35 <physical-path> <port> <virtual-path> [<loopback|any>]
For example:
    Cassini-v35 c:\ 80 /
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