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Build 145
- [BR#2722494] alpha transparency is now set properly for a pinned-to-desktop
Console window
- [BR#2547017] Tab tooltips now show complete title (thanks to Phillip Foose for the patch)
- a small speed optimization for relative backgrounds
Build 144
- tray icon settings were not always observed, fixed
- optimized text repaint for relative backgrounds
Build 143
- [BR#2569915] Console buffer rows can now be set to max 9999 using arrows in
the settings dialog
- invalid console cursor coordinates calculation lead to crash when leaving Console
window while selecting text
- [BR#2555908] If there was only one tab defined on Console startup, that tab could
be deleted. This would crash Console
- another attempt at fixing ClearType problems
Build 142
- [BR#2214144] Console will add a backslash to startup dirs that don't end with
a backslash. This will fix problems with startup dir defined as 'C:'. Updated
documentation for -d parameter
- selection start will now pause window scrolling (e.g. a long dir command). ESC wil
unpause it (but it will not clear the selection) Clearing the selection (copy or not)
will re-enable scrolling
- added 'stop scrolling' command (and a hotkey) (ESC re-enables)
- added option for starting Windows console window hidden (previous behavior, was causing
problems with some GUI apps started from Console)
Build 141
- Console will now inherit environment block on startup (it used to get a fresh
environment block in b140); it will still track changes in the environment, like
it was implemented in b140
- Console is now restored if minimized when activated using a global hotkey
- [BR#1969628] fixed a painting problem with applications that reduce buffer size
- [BR#2114134] attempt at fixing the crash caused by a new process exiting before new
Console tab is initialized
Build 140
- [BR#1919569] attempt at fixing problems with invisible GUI apps started from Console
(this solution does cause console window's taskbar button to flash briefly)
- upgraded to Visual Studio 2008
- updated several function calls that got 'depreciated' warnings when built with VS 2008
- pasting is now done using Windows' console 'paste' command
- Console now tracks environment variables' changes (new tabs are opened with the latest
set of environment variables)
- [BR#2026519] Console now handles resizing by other apps properly
- added support for a global hotkey for activating Console
Build 139
- [FR#1529565] scrollbars can be hidden now
- [BR#1876652] redone painting a bit, memory usage lower
Build 138
- [internal] (yet another) attempt at fixing text repainting - moved all GDI
calls to the main thread
Build 137
- [internal] (another) attempt at fixing text repainting problems (many thans
to akirill for help)
- [BR#1848984] resizing Console will not flash inactive tabs
Build 136
- [internal] attempt at fix text repainting problems reported by several users
Build 135
- [internal] all bitmaps are now DIBs. Mixing DDBs and DIBs was causing
problems with multiple monitors and relative backgrounds
- [internal] character buffer is initialized with spaces
- [internal] fixed a problem with double-width characters (introduced when
fixing ClearType artifacts)
Build 134
- [BR#1808717] attempt at fixing the disappearing text bug; this may fix some
other bugs
Build 133
- [BR#1780513] fixed a problem with long lines being wrapped when they
- [BR#1524127] fixed a problem (workaround) with ALT+SPACE not showing the
system menu (thanks to akirill for the patch)
- [FR#1725807] added some inactive tab flashing configuration options
- [BR#1814653] fixed a screen lock-up on mouse click during fast screen
- mouse messages are discarded when Console window is activated using the
mouse - this will prevent things like starting a selection when activating
a Console window
- [FR#1722611] you can now set selection color
- [BR#1732360] attempt at fixing the newline problem
Build 132
- fixed a problem with ClearType artifacts
- [internal] attempt to fix new tab's initial painting problems
- fixed 'disappear when dragged' bug for multiple monitors
- font dialog now shows only fixed-pitch fonts (thanks to Anduin Withers for
the patch)
- [internal] fixed a critical lock deadlock causing problems on Vista
- [FR#1718013] middle click on an empty place on a tab bar will open a new
default tab
- [FR#1725807] inactive tabs will flash three times if there is activity
Build 131
- [internal] fixed a problem with runas and local settings
- added 'clear selection on copy' option
- added customizable newline character for mulitline copy
- added font smoothing settings
- [internal] Console now checks that saved window position is inside desktop
- 'Dump screen buffer' command now dumps visible text to C:\console.dump
- added -w command line option for setting main window title; it overrides all
other main window title settings (e.g. 'use tab titles' setting)
- for blinking cursors, blinking rates are now proporional to caret blinking
rate set in Control Panel
- added 'clear selection' commands to menu and hotkeys; mouse 'copy' command
description is now 'Copy/clear selection'
Build 130
- fixed a disappearing selection while scrolling bug
- fixed a scrolling upwards while selecting text bug
- Console handles wallpaper changes now
- fixed a small background color problem
- added support for environment variables in config file name, shell command
line, startup directory, icons and background images
- [internal] wallpaper changes, non-relative background image resizing and tab
switching should be thread safe now
- mouse cursor is changed to 'text select' cursor while selecting
- added drop down menu to 'new tab' toolbar button
- [internal] an attempt to fix freezing when copying/pasting while a command
is running
Build 129
- fixed small bugs with mouse event forwarding (mouse move, some mouse clicks)
- fixed a bug with scrolling hotkeys
- (finally) window resizing works reliably
- fixed a newline problem (I hope :-)
- settings can be saved to user's APPDATA directory
Build 128
- added 'Clear' button to hotkeys dialog
- added 'Use Scroll Lock for scrolling' option to hotkeys dialog; if on, arrow
keys and page up/down keys are used for scrolling when Scroll Lock is on
- improved cursor rendering a bit
- improved selection handling:
- selection now selects entire buffer row, not just the visible part
- scrolling with active selection works as expected
- you can now scroll Console window while selecting text
- improved copy operation, entire buffer row is now copied (not just the
visible part)
- added hotkeys for scrolling
- added basic mouse events support
- fixed a small bug with tab and window name updating
- fixed a bug with pasting large text
- added support for configurable mouse commands
Build 127
- added "Exit Console" command
- added .bat and .cmd file types to "open shell" dialog
- fixed a small background tinting problem
- fixed a problem with non-black solid backgrounds
- fixed a problem with client area mouse-dragging with cursor near left or top
- File->Tabs menu is updated properly after closing the settings dialog
- [internal] implemented a fallback mechanism for allocating bitmaps
- fixed broken buffer position after window resize
- [internal] implemented proper rendering of double-width characters (Chinese,
Build 126
- implemented window size saving
- implemented window position saving
- [internal] custom handling for WM_SYSKEYDOWN and WM_SYSKEYUP messages (they
are not translated); this should pass all keystrokes to console (WM_KEYDOWN
and WM_KEYUP are already handled this way)
- added ClearType support; it works for 32bit color settings only
- fixed a little bug with tray icon
- ALT+ENTER doesn't switch real console to full screen
Build 125
- fixed rows/columns display updating in the statusbar
- added support for multiple startup tabs, dirs and commands (-t, -d and
-ts cmd-line options)
- added command line option for startup command (-r)
- added help support
- added Help command
- fixed 'dead' characters input
- [internal] improved hotkey handling
- [internal] implemented directory existance check on new tab startup
Build 124
- [internal] '100% hang bug' fix is back. Test in Build 123 didn't work :-)
- XTerm cursor now inverts characters underneath it
Build 123
- SCROLL LOCK can now be used for scrolling: when on, you can scroll Console
window using PageUp/Down and arrow keys (thanks to jachymko for submitting
the patch)
- drag 'n' dropped filenames are always enclosed in quotes
- middle click closes tab
- added tooltips to toolbar buttons
- About box shows Console version info (major, minor and build numbers)
- rows and columns info is shown in the statusbar
- disabled the maximize box until I implement proper maximize support
Build 122
- [internal] reduced buffer size in ReadConsoleOutput call in ConsoleHook;
caused errors with large windows
- [internal] attempted fix for '100% hang bug'
- [internal] a small mem_fn fix in SharedMemoryLock class, thanks jachymko :-)
Build 121
- added 'pin to desktop' setting for Z-order (Windows Explorer only)
- number of page scroll rows is configurable (either entire page or N rows)
- toolbar improvements (nicer icons, more buttons)
- Console has setup now!
- menu, toolbar, tabs and status bar visibility persistent (from View menu)
- trim tab titles option
- drag'n'drop files support
- added 'hide single tab' option
- improved settings dialog (tab titles, etc)
Build 120 (initial beta build)
Changes since last demo version:
- improved settings dialog