A carefully crafted date picker for React
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A carefully crafted date picker built especially for React, with love.

Date picker

Date picker

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$ npm install react-date-picker

Key features

  • input field integration
  • fabulous keyboard navigation
  • single & multi views
  • easy to use but insanely configurable!
  • multiple React components that can be used standalone but compose well together
  • easily themable
  • transition on navigation
  • localization support & custom date formats
  • & a lot more ...


Import the css first

import 'react-date-picker/index.css'

Then go ahead & use the components

import { DateField, Calendar } from 'react-date-picker'

const onChange = (dateString, { dateMoment, timestamp }) => {

let date = '2017-04-24'


Docs & examples

See zippyui.com/docs/react-date-picker


The react-date-picker module exposes a number of components as named exports. The most important ones are:

  • DateField - a date field
  • Calendar - a calendar view - with support for date & time formats

The full list, besides those above:

  • MonthView - a calendar view without support for time.
  • MultiMonthView - a MonthView with support for multiple months. Composes MonthView
  • HistoryView - a view for selecting a year & a month from a decade. Composes DecadeView & YearView
  • TransitionView - a view for transitioning child views navigation
  • YearView - a view for month selection
  • DecadeView - a view for year selection
  • ClockInput - a Clock with an input field to pick time
  • Clock - a component displaying time
  • DateFormatInput - an input with support for editing dates & times.
  • DateFormatSpinnerInput - a DateFormatInput that also has spinner controls.
  • Footer
  • NavBar


See changelog

For the old v4 README, see v4


When contributing, please work on the src dir.

You'll need to run the following commands:

$ npm i # install all depedencies
$ npm run dev
# starts webpack-dev-server, which does all the bundling and live reloading

Now navigate to localhost:8080 With this setup, you have an environment which live-reloads all your changes, so you have a rapid development cycle.


react-date-picker uses the awesome moment.js library ( Big thanks!)