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Patterns for mechanical drawings in Inkscape by HenJan van der Pol
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Inkscape Hatch Patterns

This is a mirror of HenJan van der Pol's excellent Patterns for Mechanical Drawings in Inkscape. The original ZIP package was missing the Defs.txt which is included here. It can also be generated by running the python script: python3

All credit for this goes to HenkJan van der Pol for this very helpful pattern library.

Preview of patterns

How to use

Single Pattern Usage

  • Read HenkJan van der Pol's instructions (PDF) on how to manually copy patterns via copying and pasting object properties.

Add to pattern fill dropdown

  • Copy the content of Defs.txt inside the <defs> </defs> tags of Inkscape's built in patterns.svg file. For MacOSX, this file might be located here: /Applications/ For Windows this file might be located here: C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\patterns\patterns.svg. Also for Windows you will probably need to edit the file as an administrator. To do this navigate to your editor of choice (i.e. Notepad++), and instead of double clicking, launch it by performing Right click + Open as Administrator and then open the file. The exact location of the file may be different depending on your OS version.

After saving the file and relaunching Inkscape, the patterns will always be available from the pattern fill dropdown.

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