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Here is the code for the web


  • download and install project via Composer:
composer create-project zitkino/zitkino:dev-master
  • build Docker container with dependencies of project with command in terminal:
bash bin/ start
bash bin/ ssh
  • install dependencies:
make install
  • create tables in your database in Docker terminal with
make database.update
  • project will be available on http://localhost

JavaScripts a Sass (CSS) styles

They are compiled via Gulp commands:

  • gulp - for compiling and watching changed
  • gulp setup - for compiling only


To test the project, a script is prepared that can be run in Docker terminal via:

make tests

Used for backend testing. Can be run in Docker terminal via:

composer run tester

It analyzes the code and looks for errors in it. It is configured in phpstan.neon. Can be run in Docker terminal via:

composer run phpstan