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// MySQL Client API written entirely in Go without any external dependences.
package mysql
type ConnCommon interface {
Start(sql string, params ...interface{}) (Result, error)
Prepare(sql string) (Stmt, error)
Ping() error
ThreadId() uint32
EscapeString(txt string) string
Query(sql string, params ...interface{}) ([]Row, Result, error)
QueryFirst(sql string, params ...interface{}) (Row, Result, error)
QueryLast(sql string, params ...interface{}) (Row, Result, error)
type Conn interface {
Clone() Conn
Connect() error
Close() error
IsConnected() bool
Reconnect() error
Use(dbname string) error
Register(sql string)
SetMaxPktSize(new_size int) int
Begin() (Transaction, error)
type Transaction interface {
Commit() error
Rollback() error
Do(st Stmt) Stmt
IsValid() bool
type Stmt interface {
Bind(params ...interface{})
Run(params ...interface{}) (Result, error)
Delete() error
Reset() error
SendLongData(pnum int, data interface{}, pkt_size int) error
Map(string) int
NumField() int
NumParam() int
WarnCount() int
Exec(params ...interface{}) ([]Row, Result, error)
ExecFirst(params ...interface{}) (Row, Result, error)
ExecLast(params ...interface{}) (Row, Result, error)
type Result interface {
StatusOnly() bool
ScanRow(Row) error
GetRow() (Row, error)
MoreResults() bool
NextResult() (Result, error)
Fields() []*Field
Map(string) int
Message() string
AffectedRows() uint64
InsertId() uint64
WarnCount() int
MakeRow() Row
GetRows() ([]Row, error)
End() error
GetFirstRow() (Row, error)
GetLastRow() (Row, error)
var New func(proto, laddr, raddr, user, passwd string, db ...string) Conn
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