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package native
import (
var (
SEQ_ERROR = errors.New("packet sequence error")
PKT_ERROR = errors.New("malformed packet")
PKT_LONG_ERROR = errors.New("packet too long")
UNEXP_NULL_LCS_ERROR = errors.New("unexpected NULL LCS")
UNEXP_NULL_LCB_ERROR = errors.New("unexpected NULL LCB")
UNEXP_NULL_DATE_ERROR = errors.New("unexpected NULL DATETIME")
UNEXP_NULL_TIME_ERROR = errors.New("unexpected NULL TIME")
UNK_RESULT_PKT_ERROR = errors.New("unexpected or unknown result packet")
NOT_CONN_ERROR = errors.New("not connected")
ALREDY_CONN_ERROR = errors.New("not connected")
BAD_RESULT_ERROR = errors.New("unexpected result")
UNREADED_REPLY_ERROR = errors.New("reply is not completely read")
BIND_COUNT_ERROR = errors.New("wrong number of values for bind")
BIND_UNK_TYPE = errors.New("unknown value type for bind")
ROW_LENGTH_ERROR = errors.New("wrong length of row slice")
BAD_COMMAND_ERROR = errors.New("comand isn't text SQL nor *Stmt")
WRONG_DATE_LEN_ERROR = errors.New("wrong datetime/timestamp length")
WRONG_TIME_LEN_ERROR = errors.New("wrong time length")
UNK_MYSQL_TYPE_ERROR = errors.New("unknown MySQL type")
WRONG_PARAM_NUM_ERROR = errors.New("wrong parameter number")
UNK_DATA_TYPE_ERROR = errors.New("unknown data source type")
SMALL_PKT_SIZE_ERROR = errors.New("specified packet size is to small")
READ_AFTER_EOR_ERROR = errors.New("previous GetRow call returned nil row")
OLD_PROTOCOL_ERROR = errors.New("server does not support 4.1 protocol")
AUTHENTICATION_ERROR = errors.New("authentication error")
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