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The most comprehensive, feature filled 4chan userscript.
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Get Appchan X HERE.

  1. Make sure both your browser and Appchan X are up to date.
  2. Disable your other extensions & scripts to identify conflicts.
  3. If your issue persists, open a new issue with the following information:
    1. Precise steps to reproduce the problem, with the expected and actual results.
    2. Console errors, if any.
    3. Browser version.
    4. Your exported settings. If your settings contains sensitive information (e.g. personas), edit the text file manually.

If you have any problems, try resetting your Appchan X settings before calling me a faggot (but feel free to do so)


Get started

  • Get started by reading through the Help link on how to fork a Github project.
  • Click the "Fork" button on this page.
  • Install node.js.
  • Install Grunt's CLI with npm install -g grunt-cli.
  • Clone Appchan X.
  • cd into it.
  • Install/Update dependencies with npm install.


  • Build with grunt.
  • Continuously build with grunt watch.


Note: this is only used to release new versions, ignore as you see fit.

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