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Here you can find info about ServerStats bot for Discord

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ServerStats Bot

This bot adds a unique way to show off your member counters, server stats, goals and welcomer messages in your server (fully customizable).



Bot Features

  • Fancy and unique counters!
  • Easy to setup, disable and customize.
  • Automatically updating counters (with 10 min delay).
  • Can also show additional info.
  • Really good uptime and support.
  • Bot also has welcomer and goal support.

Bot counters

Main bot [15]:

The main bot contains a good set of counters that set a nice base (you can even find some counters here that most other bots ask money for), here is a full list: all, members, bots, channels, text, voice, categories, announcement, roles, role, emojis, static, animated, boosts and tier.

Premium bot [21]:

The premium bot contains all the counters mentioned above and more, here is a full list: all, members, bots, channels, text, voice, categories, announcement, roles, role, emojis, static, animated, boosts, tier, bans, connected, online, offline, status and streaming.

Additional options:

Outside all the counters the bot also has options to create a welcome channel and goal counter and channel, it also contains other commands that show you info about the server, channels, roles and users (inside your server only).

Bot permissions

Sending messages [4]:

  • Read messages
  • Send messages
  • Enbed links
  • Attach Files

Creating and updating counters [3]:

  • Manage channels
  • View Channel
  • Connect

NOTE: If the bot doesn't work, doesn't respond or doesn't show up on the right side (in the members list) then 95% of the time it has something to do with permissions. Always check permissions in the server settings and channel you want to use it in.


Current bots

NOTE: Here is a list of bots that are related to this project (any other bot is fake or a scam), always make sure you use an invite link from a trusted source.

Additional info

  • ServerStats is made with the idea to make it free, so you will see a lot of things that are free in this bot but paid in other comparable bots (like changing the counter text).
  • ServerStats requires some permissions, If you don't give the bot the right permissions it won't work (you can check it by using s/check).
  • ServerStats is trusted by more then 1 million different servers.
  • ServerStats is also accepted on multiple bot list websites, here are some examples:,,, and

How is it build?

ServerStats is built using JavaScript (Node.JS). The main modules that the bot uses are Eris (modified) and Eris-Sharder (modified), the bot is also using some other modules like: Axios and Mongoose.

At the time the bot itself and all code related to it is closed source, this means you can't access it in any way. The reason for this is to make it difficult if not impossible to make clones/copies of the bot or code (copies could be used in malicious ways).

Database and data (MongoDB)

Of course the bot needs the save some data but it only save data he really needs (this includes server and channel ids). You can also see all that has been saved about your server by using s/data, this sends an exact export of your servers collection of data.

You can also easily delete the data by kicking or banning the bot or running the command s/reset (this means that after this you can't get your data back even if you kick the bot by accident).

Only the devs can access the server where the database is running on so that means that only the devs can have full access to the complete database.

Discord bot list sites

ServerStats bot on ServerStats bot on
ServerStats bot on ServerStats bot on