.NET library for InfluxDB distributed time series database.
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InfluxDB An open-source distributed time series database with no external dependencies. It is the new home for all of your metrics, events, and analytics.

A Portable .NET library to access the REST API of a InfluxDB database.


Install-Package InfluxDB.Net-Main

.NET Core Installation

dotnet add package InfluxDB.Net.Core --version 1.1.22-beta

Versions of InfluxDB
The currently supported versions of InfluxDB is 0.9 - 1.1. When creating a connection to the database you can specify the version to use, or the auto configuration that starts by determening the version.

List of supported methods

  • Ping
  • Version
  • CreateDatabase
  • DeleteDatabase
  • DescribeDatabases
  • Write
  • Query
  • CreateClusterAdmin(User user);
  • DeleteClusterAdmin(string name);
  • DescribeClusterAdmins();
  • UpdateClusterAdmin(User user, string name);
  • CreateDatabaseUser(string database, User user);
  • DeleteDatabaseUser(string database, string name);
  • DescribeDatabaseUsers(String database);
  • UpdateDatabaseUser(string database, User user, string name);
  • AuthenticateDatabaseUser(string database, string user, string password);
  • GetContinuousQueries(String database);
  • DeleteContinuousQuery(string database, int id);
  • DeleteSeries(string database, string name);
  • ForceRaftCompaction();
  • Interfaces();
  • Sync();
  • ListServers();
  • RemoveServers(int id);
  • CreateShard(Shard shard);
  • GetShards();
  • DropShard(int id, Shard.Member servers);
  • GetShardSpaces();
  • DropShardSpace(string database, string name);
  • CreateShardSpace(string database, ShardSpace shardSpace);


var _client = new InfluxDb("http://...:8086", "root", "root");
  Pong pong =await _client.PingAsync();


var _client = new InfluxDb("http://...:8086", "root", "root");
  string version =await  _client.VersionAsync();

Create Database

var _client = new InfluxDb("http://...:8086", "root", "root");
 InfluxDbApiCreateResponse response =await  _client.CreateDatabaseAsync("MyDb");
 InfluxDbApiCreateResponse response = await _client.CreateDatabaseAsync(new DatabaseConfiguration
                Name = "MyDb"

Delete Database

var _client = new InfluxDb("http://...:8086", "root", "root");
InfluxDbApiDeleteResponse deleteResponse = await _client.DeleteDatabaseAsync("MyDb");

Describe Databases

var _client = new InfluxDb("http://...:8086", "root", "root");
List<Database> databases = await _client.ShowDatabasesAsync();


var _client = new InfluxDb("http://...:8086", "root", "root");
Serie serie = new Serie.Builder("testSeries")
                .Columns("value1", "value2")
                .Values(DateTime.Now.Millisecond, 5)
InfluxDbApiResponse writeResponse =await _client.WriteAsync("MyDb", TimeUnit.Milliseconds, serie);


var _client = new InfluxDb("http://...:8086", "root", "root");
 List<Serie> series = await _client.QueryAsync("MyDb", "select * from testSeries"), TimeUnit.Milliseconds);


If you encounter a bug, performance issue, or malfunction, please add an Issue with steps on how to reproduce the problem.

##PowerShell Cmdlet The PowerShell Cmdlet can be tested using the script TestInfluxDb.ps1.

import-module [PATH]\InfluxDb -force


$db = Open-InfluxDb -Uri:"http://...:8086" -User:"root" -Password:"root"


$pong = Ping-InfluxDb -Connection:$db

Adds a new database.

Add-InfluxDb -Connection:$db -Name:"SomeDatabase"

Not yet implemented