ProceXSS is an Asp.NET Http module to prevent to xss attacks.
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ProceXSS is an Asp.NET Http module to prevent to xss attacks.

Build status

Nuget Package Install-Package ProceXSS

Basic usage

Add following line below the node in web.config file

<section name="antiXssModuleSettings" type="ProceXSS.Configuration.XssConfigurationHandler, ProceXSS"/>

and add following configurations below the node ,

<antiXssModuleSettings redirectUrl="/home" log="False" mode="Ignore" isActive="True"
eval[^a-zA-Z_0-9]*(\%28|\()|(((\%3C) &lt;)[^\n]+((\%3E) &gt;))">
      <add name="url1" value="/"/>
      <add name="url2" value="/default.aspx"/>

There are two options for mode property. These are Ignore and Redirect. When the redirect mode is active then the system will redirect the request to the value of RedirectUri.

Nuget package creates XSSConfig.cs to App_Start folder to register module dynamically.

[assembly: PreApplicationStartMethod(typeof(XSSConfig), "Start")]
namespace AcmeWeb.WebForms
    public class XSSConfig
        public static void Start()
            ProceXSSModule.SetLogger(new MyLogger()); //Register your ILogger implementation.

Or add the following configurations below <system.web>

<add name="ProceXSSModule" type="ProceXSS.ProceXSSModule, ProceXSS, Version=your assembly version, Culture=neutral" />

For more detailed information about XSS visit owasp web site