AngularJS 1.4x and ES6 application boilerplate /w testing practices using Webpack
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Angularjs ES6 Webpack boilerplate

Angular 1.5.9 + ES6 application boilerplate with testing practices Dependency Status devDependency Status Build Status Coverage Status

Inspired from angular-webpack-workflow


##Install Clone repo and install npm and bower packages;

git clone
cd ng-espack-boilerplate
npm install
bower install


All scripts are run with npm run [script], for example: npm run test.

build - generate a minified build to public folder
test - run all tests
test:live - continuously run unit tests watching for changes
eslint:app - lint code in app folder
eslint:tests - lint code in tests folder

See what each script does by looking at the scripts section in package.json.


Code and documentation are available according to the MIT License (see LICENSE).