A csharp adapter for apache storm.
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Storm.Net.Adapter is a csharp adapter for apache storm. Storm is a distributed realtime computation system. For more information, please check the storm homepage and my personal blog at: storm, The NewIdea (zh-CN).


  • .Net Framework or Mono or .Net Core
  • Thrift 0.9.x
  • Python 2.x, JDK 1.6+, Maven 3.x
  • Storm 0.7.1+, Zookeeper
  • Works on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX


  • You can download the latest stable and development releases from: releases.

  • Or using Nuget:

      PM> Install-Package Storm.Net.Adapter
  • Or clone and build it by yourself.

Build and install Storm jars locally

If you are using the latest development version of Storm, e.g. by having cloned the Storm git repository, then you must first perform a local build of Storm itself. Otherwise you will run into Maven errors such as "Could not resolve dependencies for project org.apache.storm:storm-starter:<storm-version>-SNAPSHOT".

# Must be run from the top-level directory of the Storm code repository
$ mvn clean install -DskipTests=true

This command will build Storm locally and install its jar files to your user's $HOME/.m2/repository/. When you run the Maven command to build and run storm-starter (see below), Maven will then be able to find the corresponding version of Storm in this local Maven repository at $HOME/.m2/repository.

Getting started

  • Add spout classes based on ISpout and add bolt classes based on IBolt or IBasicBolt, Both of those need using Storm. For more information check the StormSample project.

  • Build your project and copy the resources to storm topology project. Create a java topology class. For more information check the storm-starter.

  • Under Windows(.Net Framework) call your spout or bolt as follows:

      super("cmd", "/k", "CALL", "StormSimple.exe", "generator");
  • Under Linux, Mac OSX, Windows(mono) call your spout or bolt as follows:

      super("mono", "StormSimple.exe", "generator");
  • Under Linux, Mac OSX, Windows(.net core) call your spout or bolt as follows:

      super("dotnet", "StormSimple.dll", "generator");
  • Package your topology project using Maven:

      $ mvn package
  • You can submit (run) a topology contained in this uberjar to Storm via the storm CLI tool:

      $ storm jar storm-starter-*.jar org.apache.storm.starter.WordCountTopologyCsharp wordcount

Remote DRPC

Storm.Net.Adapter is also support DRPC now. You can call the remote DRPC like this:

DRPCClient client = new DRPCClient("drpc-host", 3772);
string result = client.execute("exclamation", "hello word");


Storm.Net.Adapter is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.