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Stata 15 Markdown in ST3 -- Snippet and Syntax Highlighting


Last update for this page: 4/Aug/2017


Stata 15 introduced the Markdown feature. The Stata Markdown can transform the narrative text, code and outputs into a elegantly formatted document (e.g. Word, PDF, or HTML files).

(For more information about Stata Markdown, please see, or this video: )

Based on PJ Paul's comments, in this update, we provide the snippests for users to code the markdown script in ST3 efficiently.

We also provide the syntax highlighting for the Stata Markdown documents.


1, In ST3, open/create a markdown script, which is normally a plain text file (e.g. txt).

2, Navigate to: View > Syntax > Open all with current extension as… > StataImproved > Stata.


1, type dd_v to trigger:

<<dd_version: ... >>

2, type dd_display to trigger:

<<dd_display: .... >>

3, type dd_display_number to trigger:

<<dd_display: %4.2f .... >>

4, type dd_do to trigger:




5, type dd_ignore to trigger:




6, type dd_tilde for insert the "~~~~" delimiter.