Vim Plugin for Running Selected Do-File in Stata
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Vim Plugin for Running Selected Do-File in Stata

Vim is known as a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing and Stata is one of the most popular statistical package which has a huge users community. This plugin (beta) is developed under the Mac OS X to make connections between Vim and Stata. With our plugin, you could easily send the selected do files from Vim editor and have it run in Stata. To our best knowledge, this is probably the first plugin to link Vim and Stata under the Unix-like platform. (For Windows users, please refer to the information in the last section). Please feel free to let us know if you have any comment and suggestion.

(Last edited on 2nd Dec 2015 by Z Yan and C Wang )

##Update (syntax highlighting): This update enables the Stata syntax highlighting in Vim. An updated and enhanced Stata syntax file has been included (based on Jeffrey Pitblado's Stata syntax file). (Thanks for William Buchanan's suggestion.)

(Last edited on 29 Feb 2016 by Z Yan and C Wang )


###1, Installation

1.1. Put vim-stata.vim(this file) to dir vimfiles/plugin or vim74/plugin

2.2. Or use Vim Pathogen or Vundle plugin to install it from git repository.

###2, To ensure that the do-files are opened in the Stata by default and hence are executed directly, we need to make the following two changes.

2.1. Uncheck the "Edit do-files opened from the Finder in Do-file Editor" in Preference>General Preference>Windows>Do-file Editor>Advanced (Stata 13/14), or Preferences > Do-file Editor > Advanced (Stata 12).

2.2. Ensure the do-files are opened in the Stata by default. If it is not, please: Right click on any do-file under Finder > Open With > Select Stata from Applications folder > check "Always Open With" > Open.

###3, Hotkey binding (optional) The hotkey for executing selected codes is set to be F9.

Please note that you could customise your hotkey by simply adding a sentence to your .vimrc or vimrc, for example:

:vmap <C-S-x> :<C-U>call RunDoLines()<CR><CR>

Then the hotkey would be changed to Ctrl+Shift+X

###4, Restart the Vim and click F9 or the customised hotkey to run the selected codes.

##Background information: 1, This plugin is motivated by the article "Some notes on text editors for Stata users".

This plugin basically creates a temporary do-file, which is then sent to the Stata to execute. The Stata13+ has introduced the AppleScript commands (i.e. DoCommand and DoCommandAsync) which allows script commands to directly enter the Stata without creating any temporary file. However, we did not consider this option for two reasons:

i) AppleScript commands will go through all selected commands anyways even if the Stata has already reported an error message. This behaves quite differently from the Stata in-built do-file editor and could probably cause mistakes.

ii) AppleScript commands sometimes do not work properly based on our own experience and tests, though we have not figured out the reason so far. Therefore we believe that creating a temporary do-file would be safer and more reliable and it behaves exactly the same as what the in-built do-file editor does. The temp file is harmless since it has just been temporarily saved in a cache folders in the OS X.

2, For Windows users, please follow the instructions in the webpage above.

3, This plugin has been tested on Mac OS X Yosemite and El Capitan and supports Stata 12-14SE/MP/IC. (It should also work well with Stata 11, but has not been formally tested)

Screenshots for syntax highlighting

ScreenShot ScreenShot ScreenShot ScreenShot ScreenShot