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a plugin for Trac ,you can use it to apply a new project, create a new project,manage your projects and so on . searching .... emailing ..... adding your actions to timeline
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This is a Trac plugin for managing your trac projects.
if your are an admin of a server managing the trac projects,it's a good choice for you .

    (note:you have to install the AccountManagerPlugin first!)
    1. apply a project 
    2. project manager (approve a project spply ,deny a project supply,delete a project and so on)
    3. search the project you want.
    4. add the users' actions to timeline
    5. email ( when the statue of the project you applied changes,the system will notify you via email)

config the SMTP yourself.

I know it's not perfect ,so i need your help to perfect it !

Email :

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