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-sync the database before you run 'python install'
-modify the env_path(line 10) to the trac environment that you want to use this plugin in the
-modify the username who you want to add the actions to in the particular Environment the env_path points to in the
-modify the 'TRAC_DIR','INHERIT_FILE'and 'BASE_URL' (they are in the first few linew) in the to the path that corresponding to your own server
-add next three rows to trac.ini (modify the inherit_file and base_url to the right values corresponding to your projects
+This is a Trac plugin for managing your trac projects.
+if your are an admin of a server managing the trac projects,it's a good choice for you .
+ (note:you have to install the AccountManagerPlugin first!)
+ 1. apply a project
+ 2. project manager (approve a project spply ,deny a project supply,delete a project and so on)
+ 3. search the project you want.
+ 4. add the users' actions to timeline
+ 5. email ( when the statue of the project you applied changes,the system will notify you via email)
+config the SMTP yourself.
+I know it's not perfect ,so i need your help to perfect it !
+Email :
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