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Code for Multi-Object Matching
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Multi-Object Matching

This repository contains code for the following methods of multi-object matching:

  1. The proposed method: Multi-Image Semantic Matching by Mining Consistent Features, CVPR 2018 by Qianqian Wang, Xiaowei Zhou and Kostas Daniilidis.
  2. Spectral method: "Solving the multi-way matching problem by permutation synchronization", NIPS 2013.
  3. MatchLift: "Near-optimal joint object matching via convex relaxation", ICML 2014.
  4. MatchALS: "Multi-Image Matching via Fast Alternating Minimization", CVPR 2015.

Tutorial slides

To learn more about multi-object matching, please refer to multiway-slides


  1. Download WILLOW-ObjectClass Dataset at dataset/
cd dataset/
# remove problematic image and annotation
rm -f WILLOW-ObjectClass/Face/image_0160.*
# there is an annotation error in Cars_030a.mat (coordinate swap between 6th and 7th keypoint), replace it with the correct one
mv Cars_030a.mat WILLOW-ObjectClass/Car/
  1. Download Alexnet Weights at hypercols/, and then extract feature descriptor hypercolumn from AlexNet.
cd ../hypercols/
  1. run testWillow.m to test the code on WILLOW-ObjectClass dataset.


If you find this code useful for your research, please cite the following paper:

  title={Multi-image matching via fast alternating minimization},
  author={Zhou, Xiaowei and Zhu, Menglong and Daniilidis, Kostas},
  title={Multi-Image Semantic Matching by Mining Consistent Features},
  author={Wang, Qianqian and Zhou, Xiaowei and Daniilidis, Kostas},

If you have any questions, please contact

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