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implemented in Python
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A ZJUWLAN login script, implemented in Python.

It implements some basic functions such as wifi scanning, wifi connecting, login, connection lost recovering and error recovering.

Implemented in Python 2.7.6.

Support OS: Windows 7


  • Key expires so quickly. It only last about 1 day. Checking it...SOLVED
  • Sometimes it refreshes the connection though we are still online, which causes a connection lost.


  • Support Ethernet login via vpn. or
  • Check the connection states via some more efficient methods. (currently it tries to connect to a testwebsite using HTTP protocol.)
  • It can't ... 算了还是用中文说吧。目前此脚本无法真正做到自动开启电脑wifi。以Windows 7为例,用户需要在控制面板-网络和共享中心-更改适配器设置-相应的无线网络连接 * 上打开属性面板,共享ZJUWLAN的网络连接,才能实现wifi共享。实现程序自动开启wifi,需要用Python调用Win32 API。算作一个待完成的项目,欢迎有同学愿意贡献此处的代码。

##Author Bo Song

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