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overall subject of voting is '/blah'
all nodes denote presence create('/blah/nodes/id', '', :ephemeral => true)
coordinator notes children('/blah/nodes/id', watch: true)
if any presence nodes are deleted, the transaction is aborted
nodes children('/blah/tx', watch: true)
coordinator voteseq = create('/blah/tx/vote', 'proposal', sequential: true) # beginning of election
coordinator children('/blah/tx/voteseq', watch: true) # loop until all nodes checked in
nodes children('/blah/tx')
nodes children('/blah/tx/voteseq', watch: true) # all nodes voted, then commit
nodes get('/blah/tx/voteseq', watch: true) # if data == 'abort' then delete id node
nodes get('/blah/tx/votes_uuid/result' watch: true) # result will be placed here?
nodes create('/blah/tx/voteseq/id', up_or_down, ephemeral: true) # any node votes down, abort
# coordinator sees all votes have been cast
# NOTE: is this step necessary? the coordinator confirming?
coordinator create('/blah/tx/voteseq/result', up_or_down, ephemeral: true)
# nodes tear down
node delete('/blah/tx/voteseq/id')
# when just result node is left
coordinator rm_rf('/blah/tx/voteseq')
# at many points we need a timer to see if things are taking too long