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This file notes feature differences and bugfixes contained between releases.


The "Don't forget to update the RELEASES file before pushing a new release" release

  • Fix a fairly bad bug in event de-duplication (diff:

    This is fairly edge-case-y but could bite someone. If you'd set a watch when doing a get that failed because the node didn't exist, any subsequent attempts to set a watch would fail silently, because the client thought that the watch had already been set.

    We now wrap the operation in the setup_watcher! method, which rolls back the record-keeping of what watches have already been set for what nodes if an exception is raised.

    This change has the side-effect that certain operations (get,stat,exists?,children) will block event delivery until completion, because they need to have a consistent idea about what events are pending, and which have been delivered. This also means that calling these methods represent a synchronization point between user threads (these operations can only occur serially, not simultaneously).


  • Default threadpool size has been changed from 5 to 1. This should only affect people who are using the Election code.
  • ZK::Client::Base#register delegates to its event_handler for convenience (so you can write zk.register instead of zk.event_handler.register, which always irked me)
  • ZK::Client::Base#event_dispatch_thread? added to more easily allow users to tell if they're currently in the event thread (and possibly make decisions about the safety of their actions). This is now used by block_until_node_deleted in the Unixisms module, and prevents a situation where the user could deadlock event delivery.
  • Fixed issue 9, where using a Locker in the main thread would never awaken if the connection was dropped or interrupted. Now a ZK::Exceptions::InterruptedSession exception (or mixee) will be thrown to alert the caller that something bad happened.
  • ZK::Find.find now returns the results in sorted order.
  • Added documentation explaining the Pool class, reasons for using it, reasons why you shouldn't (added complexities around watchers and events).
  • Began work on an experimental Multiplexed client, that would allow multithreaded clients to more effectively share a single connection by making all requests asynchronous behind the scenes, and using a queue to provide a synchronous (blocking) API.


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