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Will go through your locker nodes one by one and try to lock and unlock them. If it succeeds, the lock is naturally cleaned up (as part of the normal teardown code), if it doesn't acquire the lock, then no harm, it knows that lock is still in use.
+* Added `create('/path', 'data', :or => :set)` which will create a node (and all parent paths) with the given data or set its contents if it already exists. It's intended as a convenience when you just want a node to exist with a particular value.
+* Added a bunch of shorter aliases on `ZK::Event`, so you can say `event.deleted?`, `event.changed?`, etc.
### v1.5.3 ###
* Fixed reconnect code. There was an occasional race/deadlock condition caused because the reopen call was done on the underlying connection's dispatch thread. Closing the dispatch thread is part of reopen, so this would cause a deadlock in real-world use. Moved the reconnect logic to a separate, single-purpose thread on ZK::Client::Threaded that watches for connection state changes.

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