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v1.0.0 Single Zookeeper namespace
* The top level Zookeeper class is now a module, the former Zookeeper
class is now Zookeeper::Client
* Consolidate the 6 top-level namespaces into one, Zookeeper module
ZookeeperCommon -> Zookeeper::Common
ZookeeperCallbacks -> Zookeeper::Callbacks
ZookeeperConstants -> Zookeeper::Constants
ZookeeperExceptions -> Zookeeper::Exceptions
ZookeeperACLs -> Zookeeper::ACLs
CZookeeper -> Zookeeper::CZookeeper
* Added a 'zookeeper/compatibility' file that will define the old names
and look up the new constants for users, and print a warning telling them
the change has occurred and that they should update their code
* Added scripts/upgrade-1.0-sed-alike.rb which will basically do a
find-and-replace, changing the old names to the new names (worked on
both the Zookeeper and ZK codebases).
* Java and C now use different names for the base class, to avoid the
possibility of error. Java is now JavaBase, C remains ZookeeperBase.
* All client methods are defined in the ClientMethods module and mixed
into the constructed Client class.
* Fix all requires, no longer monkey with $LOAD_PATH, use require_relative
* Bugfix for C client.
Because we release the GIL, there's the possibilty that in the middle of a
synchronous C call, ruby will have switched thread contexts and one of
those threads will call close. It seems that during normal operation, this
is not a problem, but during shutdown, this causes CPU to spike to 100% and
a deadlock. This fix essentially wraps every call to the C layer in a
mutex. There may be a slightly less heavyweight optimization in the future,
but this is the safest option at the moment.
v0.9.3 Event thread shutdown fix, Windows compatibility fix
* Use a 'shutdown thread' to coordinate cleanup if close is called from the
event thread (prevents deadlock)
* Default Logger now uses $stderr instead of opening /dev/null [#16]
* Gemfile/gemspec/Rakefile refactoring.
v0.9.2 More efficient and simpler wrappers for GIL release
* After a code review by Andrew Wason (rectalogic), use a much simpler
technique for creating the arg structs and passing them to the
zkrb_gvl_* functions. No malloc(), no free(), no problem.
v0.9.1 see v0.8.4 notes, same patch
* In >= 1.9.2 the ruby interpreter allows you to release the GIL when
calling into native code, sounds like a good idea.
This release makes use of that code by parsing the zookeeper.h header file
and extracting the method signatures of all relevant zoo_* functions, then
generating boilerplate that allows us to call those functions via the
rb_thread_blocking_region function.
1.8.7 compatibility is maintained by stubbing out that functionality if built
under 1.8.7.
* 1.8.7 is deprecated! I will continue to support 1.8.7 for the near future
but sometime soon, you're gonna have to upgrade.
v0.8.4 fix NameError, require 'forwardable'
* Really not sure why this didn't come up in tests
* issue here
v0.8.3 fix NonLocalJump exception in event delivery thread shutdown code
* hit a corner case where we're waiting for the zkc handle setup
and the user decides to shutdown, but before we've had a chance
to enter the delivery loop.
* Cleaned up some nasty code in ZookeeperConstants
* removed ZookeeperConstants#print_events and ZookeeperConstants#print_states
* changed EVENT_TYPE_NAMES and EVENT_STATE_NAMES in ZookeeperConstants
to use string values instead of symbols
v0.8.2 fix close after a fork()
* The dispatch thread will be dead in this situation, so we need to
check to see if it's already dead before waiting on it to exit.
v0.8.1 Java client fix, silence warnings
v0.8.0 Refactor C implementaion, EventMachine client
* separated CZookeeper and ZookeeperBase implementation
This solves issues with reopen not working properly, makes for a much
cleaner event delivery implementation. ZookeeperBase controls the lifecycle
of the event dispatch thread now, rather than it being tied to CZookeeper.
* added support for the 'sync' API call
* Refactored zookeeper_c.c and zookeeper_lib.c
More error checking in zookeeper_lib.c and restructure some things to make
logic easier to follow
Fix bug in method_get_next_event that made the shutdown case so complicated
* Massively simplified EMClient implementation
Rather than trying to hook the IO used by zookeeper_lib to notify zookeeper_c
about event availabiltiy directly into EventMachine, use the same event delivery
thread, but wrap the dispatch call in EM.schedule.
* Improve implementation of spin-lock-esque code that waits for the connection to be
established before returning.
This cut the test runtime down from 1m 20s to 2s.
* Java client refactoring, similar correctness changes
* Change ZookeeperException base class to StandardError instead of Exception
v0.4.5 Upgrade to ZooKeeper 3.3.3
v0.4.4 Fix race condition on close, possible data corruption on async get.
v0.4.3 Fix a handful of memory-related bugs, fix SIGSEGV on master change, reduce latency of event handling, fix compilation on OSX.
v0.4.2 Add options to Zookeeper#initialize, silence most Zookeeper logs.
v0.4.1 Upgrade to ZooKeeper 3.3.2
v0.4.0. More attr-readers (StarvingMarvin) and 1.9 compatibility (tsuraan)
v0.3.2. Handle close, closed connections and expired sessions a little more gracefully.
v0.3.1. ACL bugfix.
v0.3.0. Wickman's rewrite, breaks dependencies from myelin/emaland port.
v0.2.2. Fix compatibility with stock Leopard fat-binary Ruby.
v0.2.1. No more camelcase classname.
v0.2. Bundle C dependencies, like memcached.gem.
v0.1. First release.
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