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+v1.2.7 further lock adjustments, deadlock risk reduction
+ * Refactor ZookeeperBase to not hold onto the mutex while waiting
+ for the dispatch thread to exit and the CZookeeper instance to close.
+ Instead, lock, nil out @czk, and unlock (which will cause all calls to
+ raise NotConnected), and then carry on with the shutdown procedure, greatly
+ reducing the chances of a deadlock. Also add a hardcoded 30 second timeout
+ to the join of the shutdown thread, that way we won't hang indefinitely in
+ the case of an unforseen condition.
+ * Improve the CZookeeper#wait_until_connected to use a deadline approach
+ to waiting for both running and connected states. Also, handle the
+ 'nil' (wait forever) timeout properly.
+ * Wake all waiting threads on all ConditionVariables when CZookeeper#shut_down!
+ is called
+v1.2.6 fix build on fedora
v1.2.5 cleanup locking in ZookeeperBase
* There were several situations where we would hold the lock before calling

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