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Commits on Apr 22, 2012
  1. @slyphon

    bump to version 0.8.0.rc.2

    slyphon authored
  2. @slyphon

    add Zookeeper#event_dispatch_thread?

    slyphon authored
    Returns true if the current thread is the event dispatching thread.
    Since there is only one dispatch thread, you do not want to block it, this gives you
    one way of avoiding that.
Commits on Apr 21, 2012
  1. @slyphon
  2. @slyphon

    make an ExpiredSession constant equal to the SessionExpired exception

    slyphon authored
    I'm not sure this is the right answer, but I guess we'll see...
  3. @slyphon

    ugh, make ZookeeperException a StandardError

    slyphon authored
    You know, keep up with that 1.8.x line of changes...
Commits on Apr 20, 2012
  1. @slyphon

    wrong method name

    slyphon authored
  2. @slyphon

    rb_define_module works differently in 1.8.7

    slyphon authored
    just remove this, as we're not gonna use it
  3. @slyphon
  4. @slyphon
  5. @slyphon

    support for Zookeeper.debug_level attr_accessor for the C impl

    slyphon authored
    allows us to write a log-quieting block in tests to
    avoid logging the teardown code
  6. @slyphon

    one more selectable_io

    slyphon authored
  7. @slyphon

    move reopen watcher argument warning to top-level

    slyphon authored
    cruft removal
  8. @slyphon
  9. @slyphon
  10. @slyphon
  11. @slyphon
  12. @slyphon
  13. @slyphon

    env var to turn off logging

    slyphon authored
  14. @slyphon
  15. @slyphon


    slyphon authored
  16. @slyphon

    zkrb_signal readability

    slyphon authored
  17. @slyphon
  18. @slyphon
  19. @slyphon

    add rake build:clean

    slyphon authored
  20. @slyphon
  21. @slyphon
  22. @slyphon
  23. @slyphon

    remove potentially fatal rb_raise and do more error checking in zkrb_…

    slyphon authored
    * use the GLOBAL_MUTEX_{UN,}LOCK macros
    * check mallocs with check_mem
  24. @slyphon
  25. @slyphon

    move my warning up to the top

    slyphon authored
  26. @slyphon

    top level rake 'build' task

    slyphon authored
  27. @slyphon
  28. @slyphon
  29. @slyphon
  30. @slyphon

    fix up extension depends file

    slyphon authored
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