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Commits on May 4, 2012
  1. @slyphon
  2. @slyphon
  3. @slyphon
  4. @slyphon

    now try with jruby-18mode

    slyphon authored
  5. @slyphon
  6. @slyphon
  7. @slyphon

    just try testing 1.9.3

    slyphon authored
  8. @slyphon
  9. @slyphon

    prepare for travis

    slyphon authored
  10. @slyphon

    update gitignore

    slyphon authored
  11. @slyphon
  12. @slyphon
  13. @slyphon
  14. @slyphon

    un-indent queue_with_pipe

    slyphon authored
    fewer whitespace changes in the diff is better for the short-term
  15. @slyphon
  16. @slyphon

    let's make this a beta

    slyphon authored
  17. @slyphon
  18. @slyphon
  19. @slyphon

    script to upgrade (via sed-like action) references that need updating…

    slyphon authored
    …. and some of those fixes.
  20. @slyphon

    the helpful, yet kinda pissy compatibility hacks

    slyphon authored
    Yeah, we'll get that constant for you, but we're gonna complain about it first.
  21. @slyphon
  22. @slyphon

    fix our own deprecated namespace warnings, this is going to be part o…

    slyphon authored
    …f a much larger cleanup process
  23. @slyphon

    this is v1.0

    slyphon authored
  24. @slyphon

    omfg, finally silence tests

    slyphon authored
  25. @slyphon
  26. @slyphon
  27. @slyphon

    add Zookeeper::Callback::Base.create method

    slyphon authored
    calls the block with the callback instance itself as the first first argument.
    allows libraries to extend the callback with useful information and make it available to the
    called-back proc.
  28. @slyphon

    use require_relative

    slyphon authored
  29. @slyphon
  30. @slyphon

    cruft removal

    slyphon authored
    these were original tests and examples that haven't been maintained or used in ages
  31. @slyphon
  32. @slyphon
  33. @slyphon

    Generalize rake testing tasks, make them usable by other zk related s…

    slyphon authored
    I've been copy-pasta-ing these everywhere, now's the time to repent
  34. @slyphon
Commits on May 3, 2012
  1. @slyphon

    Huge breaking awesomeness. Get everything under Zookeeper.

    slyphon authored
    Adds a 'zookeeper/compatibility' file to provide backwards compatibility during the transition
    Reorganizes how the client is constructed.
    Reorganize Exceptions module to not be quite as hierarchical.
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