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(defproject cljs "0.3.0"
"An experimental Clojure(ish) to Javascript compiler similar to
[clojurescript]( The library also provides several tools to assist you with integrating cljs into your workflow. All this in about 1k lines. Viva Clojure!
# Usage
Use the `cljs.core/to-js` function to turn a list (representing some
code) into javascript, like so:
(to-js '((fn [x] (alert x)) \"hello world\"))
-> function(x){alert(x);}(\"hello world\");
(to-js '(-> ($ \"<div />\")
(.css {:backgroundColor \"blue\" .
:border \"dashed white 5px\"})
-> (function(){var out = $(\"<div />\");
out.css({backgroundColor:\"blue\",border:\"dashed white 5px\"});
return out}())
Neat, huh?
In addition to the compiler, cljs provides several tools to make working with cljs in the context of a web project easier:
1. []( provides a mechanism for automatic recompilation on source changes. Used by either `lein cljs-watch` or `(use ' (start-watch-project \"./project.clj\")`. Cljs output is declared in your project.clj file, under the :cljs key.
2. [cljs.stitch](#cljs.stitch) takes care of stitching the collection of source files that make up a library into a coherent javascript file.
For more examples, please see the [cljs.test.core](#cljs.test.core) namespace."
:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.3.0"]]
:dev-dependencies [[rhino/js "1.7R2"]]
:dev-resources "dev-resources")