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(ns cd-analyzer.clojurecore
(:use [hiccup.core]
[clojure.pprint :only (pprint)])
(:require [ :as zip]))
(declare db)
(def spheres [{:name "Simple Values"
:categories [{:name "Numbers"
:groups [{:name "Arithmetic"
:symbols '(+ - * / quot rem mod inc dec max min with-precision)}
{:name "Compare"
:symbols '(= == not= < > <= >=)}
{:name "Bitwise Operations"
:symbols '(bit-and bit-or bit-xor bit-flip bit-not bit-clear bit-set bit-shift-left bit-shift-right bit-test)}
{:name "Cast"
:symbols '(byte short int long float double bigint bigdec num rationalize)}
{:name "Test"
:symbols '(nil? identical? zero? pos? neg? even? odd?)}]}
{:name "Symbols / Keywords"
:groups [{:name "Create"
:symbols '(keyword symbol)}
{:name "Use"
:symbols '(name intern namespace)}
{:name "Test"
:symbols '(keyword? symbol?)}]}
{:name "Strings / Characters"
:groups [{:name "Create"
:symbols '(str print-str println-str pr-str prn-str with-out-str)}
{:name "Use"
:symbols '(count get subs format)}
{:name "Cast / Test"
:symbols '(char char? string?)}]}
{:name "Regular Expressions"
:groups [{:name "Create"
:symbols '(re-pattern re-matcher)}
{:name "Use"
:symbols '(re-find re-matches re-seq re-groups)}]}]}
{:name "Operations"
:categories [{:name "Flow Control"
:groups [{:name "Normal"
:symbols '(if if-not if-let when when-not when-let when-first cond condp case do eval loop recur trampoline while)}
{:name "Exceptional"
:symbols '(try catch finally throw assert)}
{:name "Delay"
:symbols '(delay delay? deref force)}
{:name "Function Based"
:symbols '(repeatedly iterate)}
{:name "Sequence Based"
:symbols '(dotimes doseq for)}
{:name "Laziness"
:symbols '(lazy-seq lazy-cat doall dorun)}]}
{:name "Type Inspection"
:groups [{:name "Clojure Types"
:symbols '(type extends? satisfies?)}
{:name "Java Types"
:symbols '(class bases supers class? instance? isa? cast)}]}
{:name "Concurrency"
:groups [{:name "General"
:symbols '(deref get-validator set-validator!)}
{:name "Atoms"
:symbols '(atom swap! reset! compare-and-set!)}
{:name "Refs"
:symbols '(ref sync dosync ref-set alter commute ensure io! ref-history-count ref-max-history ref-min-history)}
{:name "Agents"
:symbols '(agent send send-off await await-for agent-error restart-agent shutdown-agents *agent* error-handler set-error-handler! error-mode set-error-mode! release-pending-sends)}
{:name "Futures"
:symbols '(future future-call future-done? future-cancel future-cancelled? future?)}
{:name "Thread Local Values"
:symbols '(bound-fn bound-fn* get-thread-bindings push-thread-bindings pop-thread-bindings thread-bound?)}
{:name "Misc"
:symbols '(locking pcalls pvalues pmap seque promise deliver add-watch remove-watch)}]}]}
{:name "Functions"
:categories [{:name "General"
:groups [{:name "Create"
:symbols '(fn defn defn- definline identity constantly memfn comp complement partial juxt memoize)}
{:name "Call"
:symbols '(-> ->> apply)}
{:name "Test"
:symbols '(fn? ifn?)}]}
{:name "Multifunctions"
:groups [{:name "Create"
:symbols '(defmulti defmethod)}
{:name "Inspect and Modify"
:symbols '(get-method methods prefer-method prefers remove-method remove-all-methods)}]}
{:name "Macros"
:groups [{:name "Create"
:symbols '(defmacro macroexpand macroexpand-1 gensym)}]}
{:name "Java Interop"
:groups [{:name "Use"
:symbols '(doto .. set!)}
{:name "Arrays"
:symbols '(make-array object-array boolean-array byte-array char-array short-array int-array long-array float-array double-array aclone to-array to-array-2d into-array)}
{:name "Use"
:symbols '(aget aset aset-boolean aset-char aset-byte aset-int aset-long aset-short aset-float aset-double alength amap areduce)}
{:name "Cast"
:symbols '(booleans bytes chars ints shorts longs floats doubles)}]}
{:name "Proxies"
:groups [{:name "Create"
:symbols '(proxy get-proxy-class construct-proxy init-proxy)}
{:name "Misc"
:symbols '(proxy-mappings proxy-super update-proxy)}]}]}
{:name "Collections / Sequences"
:categories [{:name "Collections"
:groups [{:name "Generic Operations"
:symbols '(count empty not-empty into conj)}
{:name "Content Tests"
:symbols '(contains? distinct? empty? every? not-every? some not-any?)}
{:name "Capabilities"
:symbols '(sequential? associative? sorted? counted? reversible?)}
{:name "Type Tests"
:symbols '(coll? seq? vector? list? map? set?)}]}
{:name "Vectors"
:groups [{:name "Create"
:symbols '(vec vector vector-of)}
{:name "Use"
:symbols '(conj peek pop get assoc subvec rseq)}]}
{:name "Lists"
:groups [{:name "Create"
:symbols '(list list*)}
{:name "Use"
:symbols '(cons conj peek pop first rest)}]}
{:name "Maps"
:groups [{:name "Create"
:symbols '(hash-map array-map zipmap sorted-map sorted-map-by bean frequencies)}
{:name "Use"
:symbols '(assoc assoc-in dissoc find key val keys vals get get-in update-in select-keys merge merge-with)}
{:name "Use (Sorted Maps)"
:symbols '(rseq subseq subseq rsubseq rsubseq)}]}
{:name "Sets"
:groups [{:name "Create"
:symbols '(hash-set set sorted-set sorted-set-by)}
{:name "Use"
:symbols '(conj disj get)}]}
{:name "Structs"
:groups [{:name "Create"
:symbols '(defstruct create-struct struct struct-map accessor)}
{:name "Use"
:symbols '(get assoc)}]}
{:name "Sequences"
:groups [{:name "Create"
:symbols '(seq sequence repeat replicate range repeatedly iterate lazy-seq lazy-cat cycle interleave interpose tree-seq xml-seq enumeration-seq iterator-seq file-seq line-seq resultset-seq)}
{:name "Use (General)"
:symbols '(first second last rest next ffirst nfirst fnext nnext nth nthnext rand-nth butlast take take-last take-nth take-while drop drop-last drop-while keep keep-indexed)}
{:name "Use ('Modification')"
:symbols '(conj concat distinct group-by partition partition-all partition-by split-at split-with filter remove replace shuffle)}
{:name "Use (Iteration)"
:symbols '(for doseq map map-indexed mapcat reduce reductions max-key min-key doall dorun)}]}
{:name "Transients"
:groups [{:name "Create"
:symbols '(transient persistent!)}
{:name "Use (General)"
:symbols '(conj! pop! assoc! dissoc! disj!)}
{:name "Use ('Modification')"
:symbols '(conj concat distinct group-by partition partition-all partition-by split-at split-with filter remove replace shuffle)}
{:name "Use (Iteration)"
:symbols '(for doseq map map-indexed mapcat reduce reductions max-key min-key doall dorun)}]}]}
{:name "Code Structure"
:categories [{:name "Varibles"
:groups [{:name "Create"
:symbols '(def defonce intern declare)}
{:name "Use"
:symbols '(set! alter-var-root binding with-bindings with-bindings* with-local-vars letfn gensym)}
{:name "Inspect"
:symbols '(var find-var var-get var? bound? resolve ns-resolve special-symbol?)}]}
{:name "Namespaces"
:groups [{:name "Create &amp; Delete"
:symbols '(ns create-ns remove-ns)}
{:name "Inspect"
:symbols '(*ns* ns-name all-ns the-ns find-ns ns-publics ns-interns ns-refers ns-aliases ns-imports ns-map)}
{:name "Use"
:symbols '(in-ns ns-resolve ns-unalias ns-unmap alias)}
{:name "Misc"
:symbols '(namespace-munge print-namespace-doc)}]}
{:name "Hierarchies"
:groups [{:name "General"
:symbols '(make-hierarchy derive underive parents ancestors descendants isa?)}]}
{:name "User Defined Types"
:groups [{:name "General"
:symbols '(defprotocol defrecord deftype reify extend extend-protocol extend-type extenders)}]}
{:name "Metadata"
:groups [{:name "General"
:symbols '(meta with-meta vary-meta reset-meta! alter-meta!)}]}]}
{:name "Environment"
:categories [{:name "Require / Import"
:groups [{:name "General"
:symbols '(use require import refer-clojure refer)}]}
{:name "Code"
:groups [{:name "General"
:symbols '(*compile-files* *compile-path* *file* *warn-on-reflection* compile load load-file load-reader load-string read read-string gen-class gen-interface loaded-libs test)}]}
{:name "IO"
:groups [{:name "General"
:symbols '(*in* *out* *err* print printf println pr prn print-str println-str pr-str prn-str newline flush read-line slurp spit with-in-str with-out-str with-open)}]}
{:name "REPL"
:groups [{:name "General"
:symbols '(*1 *2 *3 *e *print-dup* *print-length* *print-level* *print-meta* *print-readably* )}]}
{:name "Misc"
:groups [{:name "General"
:symbols '(*clojure-version* clojure-version *command-line-args* time)}]}]}])
#_(spit "/Users/zkim/napplelabs/clojuredocs/cd-site/app/cc_quick_ref.rb" (rubify-spheres spheres))
(def rubify-map nil)
(def rubify-seq nil)
#_ (rubify-seq 0 spheres)
(defn id-for-symbol [symbol]
(let [m (meta (resolve symbol))
{:keys [ns name]} m
ns (str ns)
name (str name)]
(try (Integer. (with-connection db
(transaction (with-query-results rs ["select * from functions where ns=? and name=?" ns name] (:id (first (doall rs)))))))
(catch Exception e 0)))))
#_(println (rubify-map 0 {:name "Exceptional"
:symbols '(try catch finally throw assert)}))
#_(println (rubify-symbols 0 '(try catch finally throw assert)))
(defn rubify-symbols [indent syms]
(rubify-seq indent
(doall (map #(if (string? %)
{:name %
:ns ""
:link ""
:id 0}
(let [m (meta (resolve %))
{:keys [ns name]} m
ns (if (nil? ns) "" ns)
name (if (nil? name) (str %) name)
id (id-for-symbol %)]
{:name (str name)
:ns (str ns)
:link (if (empty? (str ns)) "" (str "" id))
:id id}))
(defn rubify-map [indent m]
(let [tabs (apply str (take indent (repeat "\t")))
tabs-inc (apply str (take (inc indent) (repeat "\t")))]
(str "{\n"
(apply str
(interpose ",\n"
(= :symbols (first %)) (str tabs-inc (first %) " => " (rubify-symbols (inc indent) (second %)))
(map? (second %)) (str tabs-inc (first %) " => " (rubify-map (inc indent) (second %)))
(vector? (second %)) (str tabs-inc (first %) " => " (rubify-seq (inc indent) (second %)))
(number? (second %)) (str tabs-inc (first %) " => " (second %))
:else (str tabs-inc (first %) " => \"" (second %) "\""))
"\n" tabs "}")))
#_ (spit "/Users/zkim/napplelabs/clojuredocs/cd-site/app/cc_quick_ref.rb" (rubify-spheres spheres))
(defn rubify-seq [indent s]
(let [tabs (apply str (take indent (repeat "\t")))
tabs-inc (apply str (take (inc indent) (repeat "\t")))]
(str "[\n"
(apply str
(interpose ",\n"
(map? %) (str tabs-inc (rubify-map (inc indent) %))
(vector? %) (str tabs-inc (rubify-seq (inc indent) %))
:else (str tabs-inc (first %) " => \"" (second %) "\""))
"\n" tabs "]\n")))
(defn rubify-spheres [spheres]
(str "class CCQuickRef\n"
"\tdef self.spheres\n"
(rubify-seq 2 spheres)
(defn cat-toc [cat]
[:ul {:class "toc_cat"}
[:li [:a {:name (str (:name cat) "_toc") :href (str "#" (:name cat ))} (:name cat)]
[:ul {:class "toc_group"}
#_ (map
#(html [:li [:a {:href (str "#" (:name cat) (:name %))} (:name %)]])
(:groups cat))]]]))
(defn sphere-toc [sphere]
[:fieldset {:class "toc_sphere"}
[:legend (:name sphere)]
[:ul (map cat-toc (:categories sphere))]]))
#_ (do (spit "/Users/zkim/napplelabs/clojuredocs/cd-site/app/views/main/clojure_core.html.erb" (spheres-to-html spheres)))
(defn spheres-toc [spheres]
(html [:div {:class "toc"}
[:h3 "Table of Contents"]
(map sphere-toc spheres)]))
(defn group-to-html [sphere cat]
(fn [group]
(html [:div {:class "group"}
[:td {:class "var"}
[:span [:a {:name (str (:name cat) (:name group))} (str (:name group) ":")]]]
(map #(html [:span {:class "var"} (str %)]) (:symbols group))]]]])))
(defn group-with-desc-to-html [sphere cat]
(fn [group]
(html [:div {:class "group"}
[:div {:class "group_header"}
[:h5 [:a {:name (str (:name cat) (:name group))} (str (:name group) ":")]]
[:div {:class "signpost"}
(:name sphere)
", "
(:name cat)]
[:div {:class "clear"}]]
[:div {:class "clear"}]
(with-connection db
(doall (map
#(let [m (try (meta (resolve %)) (catch Exception e {:name % :doc ""}))
ns (str (:ns m))
name (str (:name m))
id 0 #_(try (transaction (with-query-results rs ["select * from functions where ns=? and name=?" ns name] (:id (first (doall rs))))))]
(html [:tr [:td {:class "var"} [:a {:href (str "" id)} (:name m)]] [:td {:class "desc"} (apply str (take 70 (:doc m)))]]))
(:symbols group))))]])))
#_ (do (spit "/Users/zkim/napplelabs/clojuredocs/cd-site/app/views/main/clojure_core.html.erb" (spheres-to-html spheres)))
(defn cat-to-html [sphere]
(fn [category]
(html [:div {:class "cat"}
[:div {:class "cat_header"}
[:h4 [:a {:href (str "#" (:name category) "_toc") :name (:name category)} (:name category)]]]
[:div {:class "clear"}]
(apply str (map (group-to-html sphere category) (:groups category)))])))
(defn sphere-to-html [sphere]
(html [:div {:class "sphere"}
[:div {:class "sphere_header"}
[:h3 [:a {:href (str "#" (:name sphere) "_toc") :name (:name sphere)} (:name sphere)]]
[:span [:a {:class "top" :href "#top"} "top"]]
[:div {:class "clear"}]]
[:div {:class "categories"} (map (cat-to-html sphere) (:categories sphere))]]))
(defn spheres-to-html [categories]
[:div {:class "container_16"}
[:div {:class "grid_3"}
"<%= render :partial => 'lib_nav', :locals => {:lib => @library} %>"
(spheres-toc spheres)
"<%= render :partial => '/lib_namespaces' %>"
[:div {:class "grid_10"}
[:div {:class "clear"}]
[:div {:class "quick_ref"}
(apply str (map sphere-to-html spheres))]]
[:div {:class "grid_3"}
#_ (do (spit "/Users/zkim/napplelabs/clojuredocs/cd-site/app/views/main/clojure_core.html.erb" (spheres-to-html spheres)))
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