3rd party lib requests #27

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zk commented Nov 6, 2010

3rd party lib support is still a ways off, so this issue will be used to track 3rd party library import requests.

The doc in clojurdeocs for pallet is 0.2-SNAPSHOT. Pallet is currently on 0.6.2.

Could the current docs either be removed or replaced please, as they serve only to cause confusion. Thanks


zk commented Jul 13, 2011

Apologies for this, I'll 410 the relavent pages (and probably remove the 3rd party libs section all together). I'll update this issue when that's done.

a little reminder - still causing confusion...


zk commented Sep 26, 2011

Hey Hugo,

Sorry about the delay, this will be in later tonight. Will close once it's in.



zk commented Sep 26, 2011

I ended up 404ing the pages instead of 410ing, apparently it's the same to google and I don't have to track state.

zk closed this Sep 26, 2011

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