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The webapp

Rewrite In Progress

Rewrite Release Checklist


The codebase needs a good scrub before groking will not be painful. However, feel free to jump in if you don't mind digging around.

Here's a few ways to contribute:

Let's use GH issues for discussion for now

If you're looking for a project:

  • All the copy could use another set of eyes
  • Content for namespaces (see src/md/namespaces) needs to be added / edited. Example of clojure.core.async
  • Search quick lookup requires a round-trip to the server, which is way too slow. It would be nice to experiment with embedding vars and doing search directly in the js
  • Listing of clojure training / classes / events on home page
  • Stand-alone example page, maybe have the var info (signature, doc string, etc) at the top.
  • Source-linking on libs not included in the standard library e.g. core.async.



  • Run bin/ship next | prod


Run bin/dev, which will start all the things (repl, web process, scss compiler, etc). See Procfile for more info.

Connect to the repl and / or visit http://localhost:5000

You'll notice that var information is already populated. In an effort for not make the same mistakes again, all core-related var info is loaded from the runtime version of Clojure on start up.

OTOH, examples, see-alsos, and notes (and any other user-generated content) are stored in the database.

Prod Local

Occasionally you'll need to compile and run things as they would be in production: bin/prod-local

CLJS Source Maps

The ClojureDocs project is set-up to emit source-maps for compiled javascript. To enable in Chrome, check the 'Enable JS source maps' option in the Developer Tools settings pane.

Clojure Version

Clojure vars are pulled directly from the runtime, and are not stored in the database. When new versions of Clojure are released:

  • Change the Clojure dep in project.clj
  • Update the version string and source base url in

App Structure

Interesting files:

  • src/clj/clojuredocs/main.clj -- Main entry-point into the app, starts the jetty server
  • src/clj/clojuredocs/entry.clj -- Root routes and middleware
  • src/clj/clojuredocs/pages.clj -- User-facing HTML pages
  • src/clj/clojuredocs/api.clj -- API endpoints for ajax calls from the frontend.
  • src/cljs/clojuredocs/main.cljs -- Main js entry-point into the app


  • Functions that return hiccup structures should be prefixed with a $, like $layout.

Adding Core Libraries

  1. Add dependency to project.clj
  2. Add ns sym to clojure-namespaces in
  3. Add a short description + links to community articles / videos / other resources to src/md/namespaces/

Dev-Prod differences

  • Dev starts the environment using lein repl :headless, prod uses lein run -m clojuredocs.main. See :repl-options in project.clj for initialization options.


Copyright © 2010-present Zachary Kim

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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