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Enviroment-based configuration for Clojure projects.

Requires Clojure 1.2.


[habitat "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"]

Getting Started

  1. Create a new clojure project.
  2. Add habitat to your project management file (project.clj / pom.xml / whatever).
  3. Create a habitat directory in your resources directory.
  4. Create a default.clj in your resources/habitat directory: ;; Example default.clj {:my-config-item "hello world from default"}

  5. Create a dev.clj in your resources/habitat directory: ;; dev.clj {:my-config-item :hello-world-from-dev}

  6. Update your dependencies, start a repl and run: user=> (require 'habitat) user=> (habitat/habitat) ;defaults to :dev enviroment {:my-config-item :hello-world-from-dev}

  7. To set the enviroment at runtime: ;; other-env.clj {:my-config-item :other-env}

    % export JAVA_OPTS="-Dhabitat.env=other-env"; lein repl
    user=> (require 'habitat)
    user=> (habitat/habitat)
    {:my-config-item :other-env}
  8. You can also pass a keyword to habitat to manually set the environment: user=> (habitat/habitat :other-env)


Copyright (C) 2010 Zachary Kim

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License v1.0

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