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A lightweight clojure wrapper around the smack jabber/XMPP library
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xmpp-clj allows you to write simple jabber bots in idiomatic clojure by providing a lightweight wrapper around the smack library.


[xmpp-clj "0.3.1"]


Create a temporary jabber account for your bot. I've used gmail here, but there are a bunch of free providers

Create a leiningen project and cd into the project directory

lein new mybot
cd ./mybot

Add xmpp-clj to your deps (project.clj):

(defproject mybot "0.1.0"
  :description "FIXME: write"
  :dependencies [[xmpp-clj "0.3.1"]])

Open up src/mybot/core.clj and require the xmpp lib:

(ns mybot.core
  (:require [xmpp-clj :as xmpp]))

Define a handler and start the bot. Handlers accept a single parameter -- the message map -- and should return a string with a message back to the sender. Return nil to omit a response. Here's a very simple example:

;; This bot always responds with the message 'Ermahgerd!!!'

(xmpp/start-bot :username ""
                :password "clojurebot12345"
                :host ""
                :domain ""
                :handler (fn [m] "Ermahgerd!!!")

Next, fire up your chat client, add your new bot buddy, and send him / her a message. The response should look someting like this:

me: hello chatbot

chatbot: Ermahgerd!!!

;; Stop the bot when you're done:


;; You can use a name to start / stop multiple bots in the same
;; process:

(xmpp/start-bot :name :bot1
                :username ...)

(xmpp/start-bot :name :bot2
                :username ...)

(xmpp/stop-bot :bot1)
(xmpp/stop-bot :bot2)

;; And names can be any value / object:

(xmpp/start-bot :name 0
                :username ...)

(xmpp/start-bot :name 1
                :username ...)

See the src/xmpp_clj/examples folder for additional examples. If you'd like to manually manage connections, see the namespace.


Open up an issue


Eclipse Public License v1.0

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