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error: (-27) in Matlb 2012b with OpenCV2.4.2 in Windows 7 #34

8mike opened this Issue Sep 26, 2012 · 2 comments

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8mike commented Sep 26, 2012

I am getting this error when i try to execute run_TLD.m (compilation went fine)

Unexpected Standard exception from MEX file.
What() is:......\modules\core\src\matrix.cpp:1467: error: (-27) create() called for the missing
output array


Error in tldTracking (line 30)
xFJ = lk(2,tld.img{I}.input,tld.img{J}.input,xFI,xFI); % track all points by Lucas-Kanade tracker
from frame I to frame J, estimate Forward-Backward error, and NCC for each point

Error in tldProcessFrame (line 25)
[tBB tConf tValid tld] = tldTracking(tld,,I-1),I-1,I); % frame-to-frame tracking (MedianFlow)

Error in tldExample (line 41)
tld = tldProcessFrame(tld,i); % process frame i

Error in run_TLD (line 42)
[bb,conf] = tldExample(opt);

@8mike 8mike closed this Sep 27, 2012

8mike: I'm getting the same exact issue. How did you resolve this?


Never mind. The suggestion here did the trick:

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