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Proper #1856

benthecarman opened this issue Jul 8, 2019 · 2 comments


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commented Jul 8, 2019

@yahiheb's recent pull requests have done a lot to clean up the codebase but if there is no specification on what is preferred it will eventually need to be done again in the future. A proper specification on the preferred coding style in the would be really helpful for current and future developers of the project.


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commented Jul 9, 2019

I think we can base a contribution document from . basically we just use .NET Core repo's guidelines and code style rules.


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commented Jul 9, 2019

@nopara73 added a couple best practices and coding conventions here in #1863.

@nopara73 nopara73 closed this in a68735e Jul 9, 2019
raindogdance added a commit to raindogdance/WalletWasabi that referenced this issue Jul 15, 2019
* Update WalletWasabi.Documentation/

Co-Authored-By: Max Hillebrand <>

* Fallback if filedialog fails.

* Remove leftover code

* Fix hang on QR code generation

* Remove output scheduler

* Use c# 7 pattern matching to merge type check and cast

* Moved predicate, removes redundant where call

* Using method groups instead of lamdas

Syntax is more succint and less compile-time overheard by not using lambdas

* Replaced with method group

* Removed redundant catch clause

* Removed redundant tostring call

* Edit HandshakeAsync method

* Add OneDayConfirmationTarget (144) as const

* Fix typos

* Replace 'can not' by cannot for consistency

* Replace doesn't by does not for consistency

* Fix typos

* Replace labelling by labeling

* Replace didn't by did not

* Replace wasn't by was not

* Replace isn't by is not

* Remove unnecessary checks in TrySetWalletStates() method

* Replace aren't by are not & hasn't by has not

* Edit variable & parameter name

* Use nameof instead of hardcoded strings

* Correct variable name

* Correct property & field names

* Correct method, parameter, variable names

* [skip ci] Update the methodology of seeding

* Correct method, parameter, variable names (MemPool to Mempool)

* Implement reduceonions function to the packager

* Make if more efficient

* Improve TestServicesAsync

* Dump client version

* Fix PinPadView Initialization

* Ensure Filter Height integrity

* Downgrade ClientVersion

* fix expander

* hide expander click area.

* fix expander click area so its invisible.

* fix crashing when starting with Lurking Wife Mode enabled.

* unsubscribe isexpanded after first time.

* use take(1) instead of firstasync

* Remove duplicae null check, simplified state check

* Removed unnecessary ternery expression

* validate dust threshold is positive

* validate port is not a reserved port

* Reduced code by using object initializer

* Update WalletWasabi.Documentation/

Co-Authored-By: nopara73 <>

* Removed unnecessary ternary expression

* Use is instead of ==

* Correct members' names

* Replace couldn't by could not

* grammatical error fix

* remove old check to see if qr is not already generated.

* Use firstfilter

* CodeFactor

* Fix Send/Address box behavior according to AutoCopy setting

* Improve text

* Fix TotalAmount calculation when tx sent

* Make code more efficient

* Correct members' names

* Remove S_ prefix for const (name violation rule)

* Correct variable names

* temporary preview of 0.8.1 rc.

* update to 0.8.1 and avalonia 0.8.1

* Correct variable names

* Correct variable names

* Order onions with Packager

* Update the onion seed list

* Dump Client Version

* Update website links

* Update versions in guides

* Add detbuildguide to versionupdate notes

* fix build error

* Rename filenames

* Boolean-String converter impl in SettingsView

* Replace MaxClearConverter by BooleanStringConverter

* Replace ShowHideSensitiveConverter  by Bool2Str

* fix up code

* LurkingWifeMode on transaction view page

* Fix message

* Added mode attribute

* Display sensitive data in red color

* Fix typos

* Replace don't by do not

* Prefer expression body for properties

* Remove unused member

* Correct typos

* Use DeepEquals for config file change detection

* Update

* [Refactor] Remove unused code

* Change color to IndianRed

* Remove useless CcjRoundConfig constructor

* Update

Two minor phrasing amendments, as discussed here: zkSNACKs#1717 (comment)

* Simplify member access

* Update and normalize Coding Conventons with uncontroversial guidelines (for pull request reviewing.)

* Update

Closes zkSNACKs#1856

* Delete

* Remove some unnecessary checks

* CodeMaid

* btcsessions

* Cleanup code according to CodeMaid

* New line before open brace (Remove Java-like brackets)

* Edit new-line-before-open-brace entry in editorconfig (to override CodeMaid configuration)

* Correct typos, capitalization, punctuation

* Update

* Update

* Update

* Update

* Amount color changes to Red when no coins are selected

* ordinialignorecase

* Rename TotalAmount to SelectedAmount

* Make SelectedAmount Money

* syntax

* Rename BtcFee to EstimatedBtcFee

* Rename Amount to AmountText

* Use UsdExchangeRate as ToProperty

* Amount color changes to red when no coins are selected

* Replace typewriter apostrophe by typographic apostrophe in PrivacyPolicy document

* bugfix: add missing null check

* Update project description and tags to match GitHub

* Confirmations on confirmed checkmark tooltip

* Remove fee slider when unavailable

* Remove unnecessary checks

* Use method group instead of lambda

* Update

* Prefer Oaph Over Properties

* Correct typo

* Fix typos (occured & occurence)

* Correct possible mistakes

* Used Constants.SevenDaysConfirmationTar instead of 1008

* Small changes

* Small typo corrections

* Prefer expression body for operators

* Small correction

* Fix linux dock issue

* Update
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