Drop in code for Rails that allows you to edit your Jekyll.rb based blog.
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I have not maintained this software for a very long time.  You should probably look at this project instead:

This software assumes several conditions are met:
1. You have a functioning Jekyll blog already configured
2. You are placing Jekyll Admin into the RAILS_ROOT of a functioning Rails application.
3. You want to save your posts in HTML format.

Configuration is done through two YAML files:
- config/jekyll_admin.yml 
- config/jekyll_admin_post_template.yml

Start by editing jekyll_admin.yml.  There are comments above each configuration option. Jekyll Admin assumes your relative_blog_path is a standard Jekyll configuration.  This means that the Jekyll configuration file is named _config.yml and that your posts are all in the _posts directory.  

Due to the nature of jekyll rb, every blog can be different.  I've done my best to make sure whatever fields you use can be edited with Jekyll Admin.  There are some reserved words that will not be written to your post file even if you put them in the jekyll_admin_post_template. They are "filename" and "body".  Filename is used internally for the filename of the post.  Body is used to hold the text/html of your post until it is published.  Do not use either ofthese variables when creating any templates for your posts.

Jekyll Admin currently assumes all files are going to be stored with html markdown.  

You can find Jekyll Admin updates on Git Hub:

I recommend copying these files into your existing rails app by hand.

Download from git:
git clone http://github.com/zkarpinski/Jekyll-Admin.git
rm -rf Jekyll-Admin/.git
rm Jekyll-Admin/.gitignore
cp -R Jekyll-Admin/* /my/web/site.com/