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Removing Sheeple version from main branch

The Sheeple version is available in the sheeple branch of this repo. CLOS version is the official
one now.
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Josh Marchán
Josh Marchán committed Aug 5, 2010
1 parent 9ba9409 commit 77064c83366117934266538ce634f82f6f31f008
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  3. +0 −15 chillax-clos.asd
  4. +1 −1 chillax.asd
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-Copyright © 2009 Josh Marchán
+Copyright © 2009-2010 Josh Marchán
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person
obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation
@@ -3,8 +3,9 @@ Introduction
chillax is a [CouchDB]( abstraction layer for Common Lisp licensed under
the MIT license. The original author of chillax is [Josh Marchán](;
-[Ian McEwen]( subsequently worked/is working on CLOS bindings, since
-the original version was written for [Sheeple](
+[Ian McEwen]( subsequently worked on CLOS bindings, since
+the original version was written for [Sheeple]( The Sheeple
+version can still be accessed in the `sheeple' branch in that repository.
chillax also includes a CouchDB view server, which can be made with
make-chillax-server.lisp. Currently-supported by make-chillax-server.lisp are sbcl and ccl.
@@ -1,15 +0,0 @@
-(asdf:defsystem chillax-clos
- :version "0"
- :description "CouchDB abstraction layer"
- :maintainer "Josh Marchán <>"
- :author "Josh Marchán <>"
- :licence "MIT"
- :depends-on (flexi-streams drakma yason)
- :serial t
- :components
- ((:module src
- :serial t
- :components
- ((:file "package-clos")
- (:file "db-clos")))))
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
:maintainer "Josh Marchán <>"
:author "Josh Marchán <>"
:licence "MIT"
- :depends-on (flexi-streams sheeple drakma yason)
+ :depends-on (flexi-streams drakma yason)
:serial t
((:module src
@@ -1,353 +0,0 @@
-(in-package :chillax-clos)
-;;; util
-(defun strcat (string &rest more-strings)
- "Concatenates a series of strings."
- (apply 'concatenate 'string string more-strings))
-(defun mkhash (&rest keys-and-values &aux (table (make-hash-table :test #'equal)))
- "Convenience function for `literal' hash table definition."
- (loop for (key val) on keys-and-values by #'cddr do (setf (gethash key table) val)
- finally (return table)))
-(defun hashget (hash key &rest more-keys)
- "Convenience function for recursively accessing hash tables."
- (flet ((reverse-gethash (hash key) (gethash key hash)))
- (reduce #'reverse-gethash more-keys :initial-value (gethash key hash))))
-(defun (setf hashget) (new-value hash key &rest more-keys)
- "Uses the last key given to hashget to insert NEW-VALUE into the hash table returned by the
-second-to-last key. tl;dr: DWIM SETF function for HASHGET."
- (if more-keys
- (setf (gethash (car (last more-keys))
- (apply #'hashget hash key (butlast more-keys)))
- new-value)
- (setf (gethash key hash) new-value)))
-;;; Status codes
-(defparameter +status-codes+
- '((200 . :ok)
- (201 . :created)
- (202 . :accepted)
- (304 . :not-modified)
- (400 . :bad-request)
- (404 . :not-found)
- (405 . :resource-not-allowed)
- (409 . :conflict)
- (412 . :precondition-failed)
- (415 . :bad-content-type)
- (500 . :internal-server-error))
- "A simple alist of keyword names for HTTP status codes, keyed by status code.")
-;;; Conditions
-(define-condition couchdb-error () ())
-(define-condition unexpected-response (couchdb-error)
- ((status-code :initarg :status-code :reader error-status-code)
- (response :initarg :response :reader error-response))
- (:report (lambda (condition stream)
- (format stream "Unexpected response with status code: ~A~@
- HTTP Response: ~A"
- (error-status-code condition)
- (error-response condition)))))
-;;; Database errors
-(define-condition database-error (couchdb-error)
- ((uri :initarg :uri :reader database-error-uri)))
-(define-condition db-not-found (database-error)
- ()
- (:report (lambda (condition stream)
- (format stream "Database ~A not found." (database-error-uri condition)))))
-(define-condition db-already-exists (database-error)
- ()
- (:report (lambda (condition stream)
- (format stream "Database ~A already exists." (database-error-uri condition)))))
-;;; Document errors
-(define-condition document-error (couchdb-error) ())
-(define-condition document-not-found (document-error)
- ((id :initarg :id :reader document-404-id)
- (db :initarg :db :reader document-404-db))
- (:report (lambda (e s)
- (format s "No document with id ~S was found in ~A"
- (document-404-id e)
- (document-404-db e)))))
-(define-condition document-conflict (document-error)
- ((conflicting-doc :initarg :doc :reader conflicting-document)
- (conflicting-doc-id :initarg :id :reader conflicting-document-id))
- (:report (lambda (e s)
- (format s "Revision for ~A conflicts with latest revision for~@
- document with ID ~S"
- (conflicting-document e)
- (conflicting-document-id e)))))
-;;; Server API
-(defclass server ()
- ((host
- :initarg :host
- :initform "")
- (port
- :initarg :port
- :initform 5984)
- (username
- :initarg :username
- :initform NIL)
- (password
- :initarg :password
- :initform NIL))
- (:documentation
- "A SERVER is an abstraction over a CouchDB server's host, port, and basic authentication."))
-(defclass json-server (server)
- ()
- (:documentation
- "JSON-SERVERs are used to dispatch couch-request in a way that will make it automatically handle
- encoding/decoding of JSON to and from alists."))
-(defun server->url (server)
- "Returns a string representation of the URL SERVER represents."
- (with-slots (host port) server
- (format nil "http://~A:~A/" host port)))
-(defparameter +utf-8+ (make-external-format :utf-8 :eol-style :lf))
-(defgeneric couch-request (server uri &key &allow-other-keys)
- (:documentation
- "Sends an HTTP request to the CouchDB server represented by SERVER. Most of the keyword arguments
- for drakma:http-request are available as kwargs for this message.")
- (:method ((server server) uri &rest all-keys &key &allow-other-keys)
- (multiple-value-bind (response status-code)
- (apply #'http-request (strcat (server->url server) uri)
- :content-type "application/json"
- :external-format-out +utf-8+
- :basic-authorization (with-slots (username password) server
- (when username (list username password)))
- all-keys)
- (values response (or (cdr (assoc status-code +status-codes+ :test #'=))
- ;; The code should never get here once we know all the
- ;; status codes CouchDB might return.
- (error "Unknown status code: ~A. HTTP Response: ~A"
- status-code response))))))
-(defmethod couch-request :around ((server json-server) uri &rest all-keys
- &key (content nil contentp) &allow-other-keys)
- "This special :around reply wraps the standard SERVER reply and encodes/decodes JSON where
-appropriate, which makes for a nicer Lisp-side API."
- (when contentp
- (setf all-keys
- (append all-keys (list :content
- (with-output-to-string (s)
- (json:encode content s))))))
- (multiple-value-bind (response status-code)
- (apply #'call-next-method server uri all-keys)
- (values (json:parse response) status-code)))
-(defun all-dbs (server)
- "Requests a list of all existing databases from SERVER."
- (couch-request server "_all_dbs"))
-(defun config-info (server)
- "Requests the current configuration from SERVER."
- (couch-request server "_config"))
-(defun replicate (server source target &key create-target-p continuousp
- &aux (to-json `("source" ,source "target" ,target)))
- "Replicates the database in SOURCE to TARGET. SOURCE and TARGET can both be either database names
-in the local server, or full URLs to local or remote databases. If CREATE-TARGET-P is true, the
-target database will automatically be created if it does not exist. If CONTINUOUSP is true, CouchDB
-will continue propagating any changes in SOURCE to TARGET."
- ;; There are some caveats to the keyword arguments -
- ;; create-target-p: doesn't actually seem to work at all in CouchDB 0.10
- ;; continuousp: The CouchDB documentation warns that this continuous replication
- ;; will only last as long as the CouchDB daemon is running. If the
- ;; daemon is restarted, replication must be restarted as well.
- ;; Note that there are plans to add 'persistent' replication.
- (when create-target-p (setf to-json (append `("create_target" "true") to-json)))
- (when continuousp (setf to-json (append `("continuous" "true") to-json)))
- (couch-request server "_replicate" :method :post :content (format nil "{~{~s:~s~^,~}}" to-json)))
-(defun stats (server)
- "Requests general statistics from SERVER."
- (couch-request server "_stats"))
-(defun active-tasks (server)
- "Lists all the currently active tasks on SERVER."
- (couch-request server "_active_tasks"))
-(defun get-uuids (server &key (number 10))
- "Returns a list of NUMBER unique IDs requested from SERVER. The UUIDs generated by the server are
-reasonably unique, but are not checked against existing UUIDs, so conflicts may still happen."
- (couch-request server (format nil "_uuids?count=~A" number)))
-;;; Basic database API
-(defclass database ()
- ((server
- :initarg :server
- :initform (make-instance 'server)
- :accessor server)
- (name
- :initarg :name
- :accessor name))
- (:documentation
- "Base database class. These objects represent the information required in order to communicate
- with a particular CouchDB database."))
-(defun db-namestring (db)
- (with-slots (server name) db
- (strcat (server->url server) name)))
-(defmethod print-object ((db database) stream)
- (print-unreadable-object (db stream :type t :identity t)
- (format stream "~A" (db-namestring db))))
-;; TODO - CouchDB places restrictions on what sort of URLs are accepted, such as everything having
-;; to be downcase, and only certain characters being accepted. There is also special meaning
-;; behing the use of /, so a mechanism to escape it in certain situations would be good.
-(defgeneric db-request (db uri &key &allow-other-keys)
- (:documentation "Sends a CouchDB request to DB.")
- (:method ((db database) uri &rest all-keys &key &allow-other-keys)
- (apply #'couch-request (server db) (strcat (name db) "/" uri) all-keys)))
-(defmacro handle-request ((result-var db uri &rest db-request-keys &key &allow-other-keys) &body expected-responses)
- "Provides a nice interface to the relatively manual, low-level status-code checking that Chillax
-uses to understand CouchDB's responses. The format for EXPECTED-RESPONSES is the same as the CASE
-macro: The keys should be either keywords, or lists o keywords (not evaluated), which correspond to
-translated HTTP status code names. See +status-codes+ for all the currently-recognized keywords."
- (let ((status-code (gensym "STATUS-CODE-")))
- `(multiple-value-bind (,result-var ,status-code)
- (db-request ,db ,uri ,@db-request-keys)
- (case ,status-code
- ,@expected-responses
- (otherwise (error 'unexpected-response :status-code ,status-code :response ,result-var))))))
-(defgeneric db-info (db)
- (:documentation "Fetches info about a given database from the CouchDB server.")
- (:method ((db database))
- (handle-request (response db "")
- (:ok response)
- (:internal-server-error (error "Illegal database name: ~A" (name db)))
- (:not-found (error 'db-not-found :uri (db-namestring db))))))
-(defun connect-to-db (name &key (db-class 'database) server (server-class 'json-server))
- "Confirms that a particular CouchDB database exists. If so, returns a new database object that can
-be used to perform operations on it."
- (let ((db (make-instance db-class
- :server (or server (make-instance server-class))
- :name name)))
- (when (db-info db)
- db)))
-(defun create-db (name &key (db-class 'database) server (server-class 'json-server))
- "Creates a new CouchDB database. Returns a database object that can be used to operate on it."
- (let ((db (make-instance db-class
- :name name
- :server (or server (make-instance server-class)))))
- (handle-request (response db "" :method :put)
- (:created db)
- (:internal-server-error (error "Illegal database name: ~A" name))
- (:precondition-failed (error 'db-already-exists :uri (db-namestring db))))))
-(defun ensure-db (name &rest all-keys &key &allow-other-keys)
- "Either connects to an existing database, or creates a new one. Returns two values: If a new
-database was created, (DB-OBJECT T) is returned. Otherwise, (DB-OBJECT NIL)"
- (handler-case (values (apply #'create-db name all-keys) t)
- (db-already-exists () (values (apply #'connect-to-db name all-keys) nil))))
-(defgeneric delete-db (db &key)
- (:documentation "Deletes a CouchDB database.")
- (:method ((db database) &key)
- (handle-request (response db "" :method :delete)
- (:ok response)
- (:not-found (error 'db-not-found :uri (db-namestring db))))))
-(defgeneric compact-db (db)
- (:documentation "Triggers a database compaction.")
- (:method ((db database))
- (handle-request (response db "_compact" :method :post :content "")
- (:accepted response)
- #+nil(:bad-content-type (error "Bad content type.")))))
-(defgeneric changes (db)
- (:documentation "Returns the changes feed for DB")
- (:method ((db database))
- (handle-request (response db "_changes")
- (:ok response))))
-;;; Documents
-(defgeneric get-document (db id)
- (:documentation "Returns an CouchDB document from DB as an alist.")
- (:method ((db database) id)
- (handle-request (response db id)
- (:ok response)
- (:not-found (error 'document-not-found :db db :id id)))))
-(defgeneric all-documents (db &key)
- (:documentation "Returns all CouchDB documents in DB, in alist form.")
- (:method ((db database) &key startkey endkey limit include-docs &aux params)
- (flet ((add-param (key value)
- (push (cons key (prin1-to-string value)) params)))
- (when startkey (add-param "startkey" startkey))
- (when endkey (add-param "endkey" endkey))
- (when limit (add-param "limit" limit))
- (when include-docs (add-param "include_docs" "true"))
- (handle-request (response db "_all_docs" :parameters params)
- (:ok response)))))
-(defgeneric batch-get-documents (db &rest doc-ids)
- (:documentation "Uses _all_docs to quickly fetch the given DOC-IDs in a single request.")
- (:method ((db database) &rest doc-ids)
- (handle-request (response db "_all_docs" :method :post
- :parameters '(("include_docs" . "true"))
- :content (format nil "{\"keys\":[~{~S~^,~}]}" doc-ids))
- (:ok response))))
-(defgeneric put-document (db id doc &key)
- (:documentation "Puts a document into DB, using ID.")
- (:method ((db database) id doc &key batch-ok-p)
- (handle-request (response db id :method :put :content doc
- :parameters (when batch-ok-p '(("batch" . "ok"))))
- ((:created :accepted) response)
- (:conflict (error 'document-conflict :id id :doc doc)))))
-(defgeneric post-document (db doc)
- (:documentation
- "POSTs a document into DB. CouchDB will automatically assign a UUID if the document does not
- already exist. Note that using this function is discouraged in the CouchDB documentation, since
- it may result in duplicate documents because of proxies and other network intermediaries.")
- (:method ((db database) doc)
- (handle-request (response db "" :method :post :content doc)
- ((:created :accepted) response)
- (:conflict (error 'document-conflict :doc doc)))))
-(defgeneric delete-document (db id revision)
- (:documentation "Deletes an existing document.")
- (:method ((db database) id revision)
- (handle-request (response db (format nil "~A?rev=~A" id revision) :method :delete)
- (:ok response))))
-(defgeneric copy-document (db from-id to-id &key)
- (:documentation "Copies a document's content in-database.")
- (:method ((db database) from-id to-id &key revision)
- (handle-request (response db from-id :method :copy
- :additional-headers `(("Destination" . ,to-id))
- :parameters `(,(when revision `("rev" . ,revision))))
- (:created response))))
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