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CL-DevIL is a Common Lisp library that includes bindings to the DevIL Image library. It includes direct bindings to DevIL's C API, as well as some utility functions that wrap these.


CL-DevIL is Quicklisp-installable, allowing for super-quick, painless installation of CL-DevIL and all its Lisp dependencies.

Additionally, you will need to make DevIL itself available to CFFI by placing DevIL's compiled dynamic libraries somewhere visible to it.


CL-DevIL is a community Lisp project. It was originated by Julian Squires, and has since received contributions from several others. Below is the current list of authors. More details can be found by cloning the git repository and reading the change history.

  • Julian Squires
  • Benjamin Saunders
  • Kat Marchán
  • Jens Thiede
  • Bart Botta <00003b at>
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