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Disposing of extra gen-images definition

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1 parent 2e7d0c3 commit 52eeabc61f173d24ba8732c63d21c4eb7c9b9004 Josh Marchán committed Jul 1, 2010
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@@ -62,11 +62,6 @@
(bind-image dest)
(register-palette pointer (* ncols bpp) type)))
-(defun gen-images (n)
- (with-foreign-object (ids :uint n)
- (%gen-images n ids)
- (loop for i to n collect (mem-aref ids :uint i))))
(defmacro with-bound-image (id &body body)
"Binds ID for the duration of BODY, returning to the previously bound image thereafter."
(let ((old-image (gensym)))

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