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+CL-DevIL is a Common Lisp library that includes bindings to the
+[DevIL]( Image library. It includes direct bindings to DevIL's C API,
+as well as some utility functions that wrap these.
+# Installation
+CL-DevIL is [Quicklisp](, allowing for super-quick, painless
+installation of CL-DevIL and all its Lisp dependencies.
+Additionally, you will need to make DevIL itself available to CFFI by placing DevIL's compiled
+dynamic libraries somewhere visible to it.
+# Contributors
+CL-DevIL is a community Lisp project. It was originated by Julian Squires, and has since received
+contributions from several others. Below is the current list of authors. More details can be found
+by cloning the [git repository]( and reading the change history.
+* Julian Squires <julian at>
+* Benjamin Saunders <besaunde at>
+* Josh Marchán <sykopomp at>
+* Jens Thiede <jensthiede at>
+* Bart Botta <00003b at>

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