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Replaced depricated *-OF function macros with inlined functions.

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1 parent 79e2383 commit bef1c021069638e891a6f4402b9d68bd54aa7703 @jtza8 jtza8 committed with Josh Marchán Feb 13, 2011
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@@ -68,11 +68,18 @@
(with-bound-image id
(get-integer :image-bits-per-pixel)))
-(defmacro width-of (id) `(image-width ,id))
-(defmacro height-of (id) `(image-height ,id))
-(defmacro pixel-format-of (id) `(image-format ,id))
-(defmacro element-type-of (id) `(image-type ,id))
-(defmacro bytes-per-pixel-of (id) `(image-bytes-per-pixel ,id))
+(defmacro define-replace-fun (deprecated new)
+ `(progn (declaim (inline ,deprecated))
+ (defun ,deprecated (&rest args)
+ (warn ,(format nil "~a has been depricated, use ~a instead"
+ deprecated new))
+ (apply #',new args))))
+(define-replace-fun width-of image-width)
+(define-replace-fun height-of image-height)
+(define-replace-fun pixel-format-of image-format)
+(define-replace-fun element-type-of image-type)
+(define-replace-fun bytes-per-pixel-of image-bytes-per-pixel)
(defun copy-palette (dest src)
(bind-image src)

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