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Swapped in correct gamma correction function.

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1 parent 976b54b commit d6ccb5b5ee17d1b17f30fb5d2ef89ad167c28bce @Ralith Ralith committed with Josh Marchán Jan 18, 2010
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@@ -67,10 +67,7 @@
(defcfun ("iluErrorString" error-string) :string
(error il::error))
(defcfun ("iluFlipImage" flip-image) :boolean)
-(defcfun ("iluGammaCorrectInter" gamma-correct-inter) :boolean (gamma :float))
-(defcfun ("iluGammaCorrectScale" gamma-correct-scale) :boolean (gamma :float))
+(defcfun ("iluGammaCorrect" gamma-correct) :boolean (gamma :float))
(defcfun ("iluGenImage" gen-image) :uint)
;; (defcfun ("iluGetImageInfo" get-image-info) :void (info :pointer))
(defcfun ("iluGetInteger" get-integer) :int (mode mode))

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