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Lightweight, optimized queue implementation for CL
Common Lisp
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cl-speedy-queue is a portable, non-consing, optimized queue implementation. It was originally written by Adlai Chandrasekhar for use in ChanL.


[function] make-queue size

Creates a new queue of SIZE.

[function] enqueue object queue

Enqueues OBJECT in QUEUE.

[function] dequeue queue

Dequeues QUEUE.

[function] queue-count queue

Returns the current size of QUEUE.

[function] queue-length queue

Returns the maximum size of QUEUE.

[function] queue-peek queue

Returns the next item that would be dequeued without dequeueing it.

[function] queue-full-p queue

Returns NIL if more items can be enqueued.

[function] queue-empty-p queue

Returns NIL if there are still items in the queue.

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