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This software is composed partly of code taken at times with only small modifications from SBCL's
version of PCL, and Closette as presented in Art of the Metaobject Protocol. It also contains a
little tiny bit of original code (apart from the renaming of a bunch of stuff). Copying and
distribution of this software must retain the copyright notice for Xerox, as well as Kat Marchan's
(see LICENSE).
Xerox's copyright:
copyright information from original PCL sources:
Copyright (c) 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 Xerox Corporation.
All rights reserved.
Use and copying of this software and preparation of derivative works based
upon this software are permitted. Any distribution of this software or
derivative works must comply with all applicable United States export
control laws.
This software is made available AS IS, and Xerox Corporation makes no
warranty about the software, its performance or its conformity to any
Additionally, Sheeple uses Luis Oliveira's trivial-garbage for portability across
implementations. trivial-garbage is in the public domain, but I'm including the statement it came
with here anyways. Copies and Derivatives of sheeple need not include it:
This software is placed in the public domain by Luis Oliveira
<> and is provided with absolutely no