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;;;; -*- Mode: lisp; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
;;;; This file is part of Sheeple
;;;; tests/messages.lisp
;;;; Unit tests for messages objects, ll-congruence, and message interface
(in-package :sheeple)
(def-suite messages :in sheeple)
(def-suite message-basics :in messages)
(in-suite message-basics)
(def-suite arg-info :in messages)
(in-suite arg-info)
(test set-arg-info)
(test check-reply-arg-info)
(test check-msg-lambda-list)
(test create-msg-lambda-list
(let ((ll '(a (b =b-proto=) &key hey)))
(is (equal '(a b &key) (create-msg-lambda-list ll)))))
(def-suite message-definition :in messages)
(in-suite message-definition)
(test ensure-message)
(test make-message)
(test finalize-message)
(test defmessage)
(test canonize-message-option
(let ((o1 '(:documentation "foo"))
(o2 '(:metaobject "theobject")))
(is (equal (list :documentation "foo") (canonize-message-option o1)))
(is (equal (list :metaobject "theobject") (canonize-message-option o2)))))
(test canonize-message-options
(let ((o1 '(:documentation "foo"))
(o2 '(:metaobject "theobject")))
(is (equal (list :documentation "foo" :metaobject "theobject")
(canonize-message-options (list o1 o2))))))